Why aren't biopics popular ?

Why aren't biopics popular ?

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>Helped explore the American continent
Ay Tone, how comes they didn't wanna explore nuthin' until the Italians showed up?

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>First person to cross the Atlantic
How the fuck did she get to america in the first place?

they went under it you retard

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Proof ?

Lewis and Clark were of english ancestory

Rewriting history. She wasn't involved in what was the first flight across the Atlantic and she wasn't even the one flying the plane when she became "the first woman to cross the Atlantic." When she did fly solo she ended the flight early.

Charles Lindbergh was the first person to solo flight the Atlantic. He was also a big advocate of the nazis

>Amelia Earhart
>First person to cross the atlantic
Have you tried to, dunno, go to school?

Lindbergh was the first person to cross the Atlantic wtf

jw user not pulling the yous like the old days

>Paul Henry
Fictional character lmao
Did a lot more than freed niggers but that's the only thing people like to focus on
Ushered in civil rights, now we have to pretend niggers are on the same level as the rest of civilization, meanwhile babysitting them and ignoring their crime statistics
>Amelia Earhart
First WOMAN to cross the Atlantic, which the route at the time was already blazed and not that much of an achievement anymore

>john henry
He’s not even real.

Chuck Yeager was the first person to fly across the Atlantic

This is our history however and you will accept it.

Right, but he was a nazi sympathizer, so let’s concentrate on history as it should have been and not as it was.

You sound racist

Correct. Normalize concentrating on what history should have been.

He means Colombo

No he wasn't. Alcock and Brown made the first nonstop transatlantic flight in 1919.

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>In August 1939, Lindbergh was the first choice of Albert Einstein, whom he met years earlier in New York, to deliver the Einstein–Szilárd letter alerting President Roosevelt about the vast potential of nuclear fission. However, Lindbergh did not respond to Einstein's letter or to Szilard's later letter of September 13. Two days later, Lindbergh gave a nationwide radio address, in which he called for isolationism and indicated some pro-German sympathies and antisemitic insinuations about Jewish ownership of the media, saying "We must ask who owns and influences the newspaper, the news picture, and the radio station, ... If our people know the truth, our country is not likely to enter the war". After that, Szilard stated to Einstein: "Lindbergh is not our man."[157]:475

he was just America First, the popular idea not to participate in WW2.

I glanced over OP's pic and literally read "AMERICAN NEGROES"

>the only notable black "hero" of the past 150 years is a guy who basically just marched around and complained until nice white people let him drink at their water fountain

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>jwschizo is spreading from /his/ to other boards

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Alcock and Brown flew from Newfoundland to Ireland which is cheating. Lindbergh flew from real America to real Europe

Why is muhamad bluto

Because it isn't about them. It a about the holocaust. Think before you speak.