So whypipo....ARE LE BAD

>so whypipo....ARE LE BAD
*audience erupts in laughter*

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He was based, Todds and Tuckers will never understand


Im glad this kike is burning in hell

>america collapses within decades of people abandoning christianity

most Americans are still christian and the majority of American immigrants, Mexicans, are christian.

We are no longer genuinely christian in works or culture. Its churchianity. Would a Christian country allow gay marriage, mass abortion, and womens rights?

It's not Mexicans that are causing the collapse. Its a certain section of the population who were only kept in check by Christianity who are causing it.

i don't think he said that + he mostly railed against elites, not ordinary people

>t. triggered snowflake

If you ask me, Hicks was more hacky than Carlin.

Mexicans aren't the ones causing the collapse my friend, it's white liberal atheists

Carlin was overrated. He was the original "amirite guyz" comedian.

Obviously they aren’t kept in check very well then huh? Do your job Christy

They were kept in check for almost a century, but the Bible teaches that we are so willing to turn to a life of sin.
And another, less numerous and more devious section of the population provided that life for them, and many whites too.

He was literally made for BBC

casual reminder that this guy was a jew

>national pride is le BAD

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Wolves in sheeps clothing. The churches have been totally co-opted by useful idiots. Christianity will almost for sure return when america implodes

No, he was a resentful ex-catholic. Only exvangelicals are as cringe as ex-catholics.

He calls out bullshit, the man literally said niggers on the stage when mentioned murphy and Pryor.

You're just dumb

this is wrong. even though statistically atheists vote left far more, support mass immigration far more, are fags and trannies or support fags and trannies far more, it’s actually christians who are to blame