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raped if you do raped if you dont. tough choice for those prisoners.

> you are already in short supply of manpower and you have to recruit cannon fodder in prisons with zero training and motivation who will surrender to the Ukrainian army at the first opportunity

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Nato shills need to fucking die. Russian shills are bad, but nato cocksuckers are on a whole nother level of gay

Keep crying, Ivan.

>Your daughter gets raped
>Perpetrator gets a life sentence
>Some oligarch comes in and gives him freedom for some bullshit war
>Thanks president Putin!

>natofags: no you can't be a heckin racist we need immigrants and diversity
>also natofags: Is that a russian citizen, they are all bad people cause of the Ukraine war, now let's ignore how many countries America has invaded under the guise of liberators.

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these niggas are going on suicide missions retard

just say jews or mutts. Same thing at this point

A shitload if them are going to run away and scatter

>>Your daughter gets raped
In russia it is just regular sex.

>surrender to the Ukrainian army
>implying that garbage won't get slaughtered even with a white flag in their hands
Local forces are finding an unnamed mass burial sites and guantanamo cells in even smallest towns

Retard, you get like at most 10 years for rape and murder in russia

lol russians are so pathetic. all you had to do was kill 1 man and you couldnt even do that. now nato is going to destroy you. and the only country who cares is china

Thank you for this valuable insight, Mr Whitest White Man. I can tell you're white because Russia enjoys the support of only the whitest people in the world, such as spics, ethiopians, best koreans and serbs

wars in thirld world countries are always tough to predict because why would they ever stop fighting? what is there to go back to unless you move to a 1st world country (white). is life in the trenches worse than living a soviet concret block? even the ELITE WAGNER WARRIORZ get paid like 2000 euros month. Imagine that.

China doesn't care anymore. They are taking over Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. Turkey is taking Azerbaijan. Armenia is still deciding. Russia has lost all its influence in six months.

>retards still think that Zelensky is the mastermind and the running force of the ukranian resistance and that his death would change something.
He's a glorified mouthpiece, no one really gives a shit about him

>>natofags: no you can't be a heckin racist we need immigrants and diversity
Nigger, what about "special denazifying operation" seems like fighting with diversity to you? You're so fucking dumb it's unreal.

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>has to add “and allah” because of all the muslims
lmao @ russia

nice spacing, tourist

So that's it huh, we some kinda ... Suicide Squad?

i was talking about putin lol

lmao prison is probably 99% muslim
I wonder why

>war in ukraine

Yeah I don't think so.

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>we didn't need to kill Zelensky
>we didn't need Kiev
>we didn't need Odessa
>we didn't need Kharkov

This is Moscow, the capital of Russia. This is what Putin has turned it into.

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>nigeria with snow gets uppity
>it's drunken subanimal mongoloid inhabitants go on another raping and stealing spree
>gets btfo
>"why do you persecute us so(((((((" "b-b-butthurt belt, rusophobia((((((("
story as old as time

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How do you misunderstand such a simple post. Only retard is you not the other guy

Also friendly reminder that people who started organizing anti-immigrant political movement in Moscow got sent to gulag for being intolerant to muslims

Is your entire worldview based on memes? You seem retarded

Yeah, I'm sure the retard here for pointing out obvious bullshit.
kys butthurt monkeyfucker

>muslims join the war
>turn the tides in Russia's favor using suicide bombing
>globohomo has to spin a new narrative on muslim as a result
do it

is your entire point based on butthurt? you seem to have no argument