He is hot

He is hot

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>Here's your gay waluwigi bro

looks like a super gay Gomez Addam.

z e s t y


Dis nigga is good with colors

He looks buck broken

Whys he doing the Nasneed pose

This nigga lookin' ZESTY, this nigga lookin' MOIST, he's got sugar in his tank, he's light on his feet, he's a Ill bit fruity, he plays for the other team, he dances at the other end of the ballroom, this nigga theatrical, this nigga good with colors, this nigga gonna coordinate yo curtains wit you cushions and that shit gonna look good! This nigga lifts shirts, this nigga on the down low, this nigga be a tollet trader, this nigga gardens uphill, this nigga packs fudge, he's a friend of Dorothy, he feels the love that dare not speak Its name, he loves to dance, he's of the Uranian brotherhood, he indulges in the French vice, he has an antipathic sexual Instinct, he's fluent in Polari, he's a refugee from Sodom, he's on the wrong bus, he bats for the other team, he's temperamental, he's 'one of if you catch my drift.

Why does he actually look more elven IRL when he's no longer pretending to be straight than in the show?

Why didn't the show runner's let him pick his own outfits and act closer to how he actually is so he can be an actualy effay twink elf?

Looks like Amazon ticked three boxes here.
x Gay
x Black
x Stylish

>Any Forums on suicide watch
he's still not an elf though

he is unironically the best actor on this flaming shitpile of a show
shame about the stupid fade haircut

>yo yo yo this is hump day!
>what I need you to do is tag three big dick ass elfs under this tweet right here
>bust that nut challenge!
>elf hump day!

is he a bottom or top?

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Someone really broke his ancestors hard for him to end up like that

>racism outside of Any Forums
tired of it

are you serious? lmao

He is one zesty boy, straight drippin with the bussy juice

Buck status?

he LOVES vaginas, this nigga is a vagina lover, he loves pussy lips, to munch on beef curtains, to put his penis inside a well lubricated vagina