You made it user! So what movie are we watching tonight??

>You made it user! So what movie are we watching tonight??

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Near Dark


Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

repo man with emilio estevez of course

Silence of the Lambs

If they talked like that I'd excuse myself. These are whores not goths

Laugh at them and call em clowns.
Send em Clow emojis daily
Give them names like bozo and pennywise
Fuck all of them

I'm not an incel by any means but the older I get the more than women who look like this make me irrationally angry

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Texas Chainsaw, same as last time

>Hope you don't mind that we started without you, user.

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The Craft

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Aight get ready bitches, we are gonna watch a manly movie.

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its crazy how much better looking 2 is out of them

I've slept with and dated a bunch of different women, but never actually had a long term relationship. Does it actually make life easier having someone who isn't obligated to love you, care about you and want you around?

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What makes them dress like this? What kind of personality does a woman like these have?


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For me, it's 4

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wouldn't YOU like to know, weather boy

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yeah its pretty good

these basics are not attractive to me at all

these goth sluts make me diamonds

2 3 1 4
2 is cute, 3 is passable too. something is wrong with 4 face and 1 looks creepy

Girl with black lipstick is named Ana. Thats all I know.

You'll never know with that attitude. It probably won't for you. You sound like you hate yourself.

Starlight on the right


they would probably love that movie actually

Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Dude if you were going through what I'm going through right now you'd hate life too


Yes if the girl loves you and you love her it's peak comfy. Obviously there'll be fights from time to time but that's how humans work. Every time my gf does something for me without my asking I just get so happy on the inside

Steel Magnolias. Nothing makes a girl wetter than crying, wedding scenes and women gossiping and this movie has it all.

>Corpse Bride
>Edward Scissorhands
>Sleepy Hollow
Take your pick

Keith, Tyler, Andrew, Michael, John, Cole, Joshua, Paul...are these enough ?

the bar scene still makes me feel uncomfortable to this day

you are mentally fucked in the head if you think those are dudes user. Any Forums has destroyed your synapses, it is over

sign of kino
no, i just thought you want random names and i came up with those

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If I ever found myself in a situation like this in real life I would probably pass out from the anxiety.