Bluray player thread

Bluray players make computers look like a joke. Time of PC is over, time of Bluray is here.

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Sony owns Blu-ray

Ok so I'm a little behind on my dusting.

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Media Players > Bluray Players

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My ps triple is my bluray player

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>mfw I use my series X to watch 4k blu rays.

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VX chads report

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it amuses me that people waste money on shit like and then throw away laptops when the screen cracks.

What you mean like just vhs? Otherwise I don't really know what that thing is.

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VHS on steriods

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You can stick a blu ray drive in a PC brah

its funny how physical media is going to be completely dead in 5-10 years.

>This device which has less functionality than a blu ray player is better because it's what I own

>tfw you buy a blu-ray drive for your computer then discover you can't actually play blu-rays with it because you need specialist (paid) software to do so and it only plays unencrypted blu-rays you've burned yourself

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I can put a bluray player in my pc

what? Shield has far more functionality than any blu_ray player

you do know what remuxes are righT?

I have the same one

Can you recommend me good high quality bluray player for PC?

I wanna play this special edition of 2001 Space Odyssey on my 4k 144hz monitor.

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Blu ray players can play video files, hell, most modern TVs can too.

This thread has everything you need to know about blu-ray drives.

Show me your laptop playing dolby vision rips.