What do we think about movie star Rosario Dawson?

what do we think about movie star Rosario Dawson?

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Kino mystery meat

she showed her poosy

she monke

she was a piece of ass in Sin City, and that's about it

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sometimes really cute/hot (sin city, clerks II, death proof) and sometimes ugly as sin.

What? When?

great tits and bush in alexander

forgot what movie but she did a full frontal, full shaven

I love her

Hello Newfag

A 10. Prime in 25th Hr.

Great tits and no bush in Trance

One of the few women with Sub-Saharan dna that also has cute feet

trance (2013) dir: danny boyle

Watch Alexander. Thank me later.

Or don't watch that terrible movie, and just look her scenes up

For me, it's the bathtub video

Based Danny Boyle

Refrigerator body

Alexander (2004)

1 girl 1 tub?

Based and toe pilled

Josie and the pussycats is unadulterated ironic 90s/y2k kino

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I mean, I guess you could call it that

That fucking scene in clerks 2

Way better in Alexander. 25 years old v 35 years old.

shes a very good actress and seems to be a very lovely person irl, one of those women that still are smoking hot way into their 40s