Be girl

>be girl
>walk into date's apartment
>wall filled with these plastic videos

how do you react?

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ahh, m'lady, only a man with wealth and affluence could afford to acquire such a treasure trove of kino

I don't really collect anymore but wandered into a pawn shop yesterday. Ironclad and Joker are brand new but the dented slipcase is over it. $9+tax

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Present myself to him

flip one of my floppy sweat smelling tits out

Browse it to see if there's something interesting?

Become his waifu to leech kinos

>be girl
I'll never be one and neither will you, faggot

Take a hard drive from my pocket. Slap it and say "This bad boy can fit so many movies in it"

Whoever buys a Seinfeild boxset deserves to die a virgin

Well I'm definitely a born again virgin if there's such a thing.

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I cum and shit everywhere as my vagina trumpets its stench song


Instantly moist

>women only care about money and material possessions
>seeing a man with plenty of disposable income
I mean they might think it's ick how he doesn't just use netflix and watch the same 10 shows as everybody else.

A never-ending parade of dorks (almost uniformly chubby white dudes) sitting in front of their massive movie collections ALL REPEATING THE SAME THINGS. Seriously, they all say "it's about nostalgia, it's about holding something in your hands, it's about streaming services taking away movies, it's about censorship!" OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

There was maybe 30 minutes of content stretched out into 2 hours 10 minutes and there were so many insufferable people droning on and on to their selfie cams that it made me want to puke at times.

So if you want to watch a bunch of youtubers bragging about their "almost always horror movie collections" for WAY TOO LONG, then watch this and feel better about whatever bad choices you may have made in your life to not end up surrounded by tens of thousands of dollars worth of physical media.

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I’m a HDMI girl

Get moist in my loins

Better a collection of movies than funko pops (though the two tend to go hand in hand)
I can't make fun though. Have a large book shelf full of books which I guess qualifies as physical media

Still, I've come across at least 1 youtuber whose room is literally a rip off of Chris stuckman

I can tell this guy has a rape dungeon in his basement.

>dukes of hazard
>no season 1

I enjoy reading about those but I'm in a one bedroom apartment. Part of the reason I did this is they force me to make triple rent and have all this disposable income. I don't drive and literally everything here is illegal. So what else is there to spend money on? I guess I'll find out because I'm sort of done collecting. Really just for space issues mostly.

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I just bought them cheap at pawn shops and wasn't really seeking them out. Same with Seinfeld and most other things.

>So what else is there to spend money on?
Save up and build your rape dungeon. What are you specifically collecting anyway? Just old physical releases?

How the fuck would I know? I’m not a woman and women don’t come over to my place.

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Right but real estate apparently doesn't care how much money I have saved. They wanna know what my paycheck is and that's all. Whether it's rent or a mortgage. Apparently so they can skyrocket either my rent or property taxes. Otherwise that policy makes sense to me.

movies, music, and comics

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