Also in 2012...

>Also in 2012, Alexander suffered severe injuries when she slipped off a metal staircase during a rainy morning on the Thor: The Dark World set. The fall caused her to slip a disc in her thoracic spine and chip 11 of her vertebrae, as well as dislocate her left shoulder and tear a rhomboid on her right side. The injuries took her out of filming for a month.[24][25]
>Additionally, during the filming of Blindspot, Alexander experienced many injuries, including: ruptured C6 and C7 discs from being water boarded; herniated T3, T4, T8 and T9 discs; broken nose; dislocated right shoulder; broken right index finger; broken left foot; broken left two toes three times; broken right foot; broken right two toes; dislocated jaw; and other injuries that she was not allowed to disclose.[26]
What's next for Jaimie Alexander?

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Why would she be allowed to say all that but not allowed to disclose other injuries? You don't think...?

Because they were rape injuries.


>break discs from being water boarded
did they shoot her with a high preassure industrial hose?

another Thor movie

Even In make believe land a woman can’t beat up a man . Jesus Christ

>Jaimie Alexander plays Jane Doe who wakes up with no memory and is covered in tattoos in the hit NBC show
>The actressspends up to seven hours every day having her body covered in the intricate art
>Sources claim she believes the ink is toxic and is making her ill after shesuffereda pulmonary infection

>What's next for Jaimie Alexander?
Hopefully bed rest, and forced impregnation,
With calcium supplements and vitamin supplements for her children, combined with strength training and balance exercises for those same children.

>seven hours every day
I call bullshit.

She also broke her pusy.

>if clothed only needs at beest like neck and hands tattoos
>7 hours every day
if this is realy, these people need to learn "work smarter not harder"

>she slipped
haha, no

wonder how they did it in prison break, that guy was covered in tattoos

seems like a real psycho, why keep doing physical roles if you supposedly fucked up your back

>Slip once
>Expose yourself for having literal glass bones and paper skin

Low-key female Jackie Chan. Herniated discs suck ass, i know

>expose your condition which can kill you
as opposed to hiding it and keep suffering alone in pain ?

I wonder how far she'd get if she had to run with toast in her mouth.

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>seven hours

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I wonder how many men get scorpion tattoos not realizing its code for a gay man having a serious STD. Well at least its not a paw print

Because most people are not versed in homosexual code and associate scorpions mainly with the horoscope sign, you gay boy.

At this point just replace her bones with legos

She'll star in the next Shyamalan movie

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