Why do zoomers and millennials hate Ferris?

Why do zoomers and millennials hate Ferris?

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this guy's a murderer

His smug aura mocks me

Jealous of how we enjoyed ourselves compared to the shit modern day

I don't care about anybody except for myself

He's just kind of a smug prick who gets away with everything, he's inherently somewhat unlikable

because they know that they are teenagers during the worst time imaginable, shit at least i had superbad when i was a senior

I thought boomers hated him while gen x and millenials wanted to be him and zoomers don't know the movie exists.

They were violated by Rooney

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>Why do zoomers and millennials hate Ferris?
what? never heard of this. did you got baited by a [why is EVERONE do THING] article by some """journalist""" based on a single tweet?

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Because hes a smug sociopath who treats everyone around him, including friends and family as if they're nothing but his playthings, not only is he not punished for this, he gets rewarded.

his movie is shit

How? All he did was have a fun day out with his friends, name 1 thing specifically that he did wrong.

It's because he has what they never will
>True friends who would do anything for him
>A family that loves him (even his sister trying to bust him)
>An educator who cares about their students
>Clever, charming, has fun non drug fuelled adventures (at least in the movie)

fuck that has to sting

I like the sequel

You forgot about gf

a rare instance of the under 40s being able to detect bad writing.

you have to remember that the entire movie takes place in one day. but ferris acts like this pretty much every day, he's definitely some sort of fucked in the brain manipulator

Acts like what every day? Having fun with his friends?
>WOW I can't believe he pretended to be sick so he didn't have to go to school, what a sick twisted cycle path manipulator!!!


Skipping school doesn't make you a sociopath.

>go go gadget potato masher!

gets in wrong side of car.

because he is a normal and very charismatic person. he is welll balanced and isnt a pussy like most millennials and zoomers. Plus he lives in a house in a nice neighboorhood, where as most zoomers live among niggers in this day and age.