He's a good looking boy. Do you mind if I keep this picture?

>He's a good looking boy. Do you mind if I keep this picture?

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> “I’m a pedo and when I find your son I’m gonna Fuck his holes”
There you go I saved the thread
All hail Reddit

>> “I’m a pedo and when I find your son I’m gonna Fuck his holes”
>There you go I saved the thread
>All hail Reddit

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"Of course, officer. In fact, I've got some blown-up copies in the den, if you want something poster size?"

[I walk to the den, he follows]

"Well, officer, here we are..."

"But I don't see any posters of your son in here."

"They're just over there." [pointing in the corner of the room]

"Over where?" [he leans forward trying to see where I'm intimating]

"OOF!" [I've clonked him on the head with the medicine ball I've been discreetly carrying behind my back this whole time]

"What the hell is going on?" [he sputters, clearly dazed by the immense impact on his skull]

"Oh nothing, officer" [I say, tying his arms and legs with lengths of coaxial cable I keep on my person at all times] "you just get nice and comfortable."

"No, no... What the hell?!"

[As I remove his trousers and slowly insert my 1997 'Mr. Universe' edition Ken Doll into his anus]

"That's it, officer, niiiice and comfortable!"

Why did Skynet manufactured so many pedobots

the "officer" is a killer robot so he would absolutely rape your anus.

But I outsmarted him with the poster distraction bit.


Don't be so dense, user. It's obvious that the real reason the machines sent Agent Dogget back in time was to retrieve the 1997 'Mr. Universe' edition Ken Doll. That guy is just playing right into the machines' hands.

I didn't notice the zipper sound effect until recently

Did people really not know he was the bad guy when he saw it?

>Jack O'Connor? I'm the Annihilator. Follow me if you wish to survive.

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The t-9000 was made completely out of candy

>You don't happen to have any palm oil or aloe to spare do you ma'am?

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I had no idea David Hasselhoff was Arnold's Stuntman.


>be walking computer
>can't memorize a photo

>Do you have any good videos of him? Also some of his underwear would be useful...to track his scent hehe

He kept it to ask people about him you retard.
>inb4 merely pretending

The director's cut sure made him a full on weirdo. God what the fuck was Camarón thinking?

I was quite surprised when I learned he voice acted sokkas sword master in avatar

4channers are the ones who love pedo stuff.