You know I'd really love for them to come back, if they're still alive that is hehe

>you know I'd really love for them to come back, if they're still alive that is hehe
>but no I mean seriously you never know, I guess if they are still alive they can come home but if they're dead there's nothing we can do
>look all I'm saying is I have an inkling this all might be a waste of the police's time

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If there ok I like... want them to come home. If not, like, it's like the not knowing part. Like, please hehe... come home if you're alive. Like, I miss that woman and those kids. Bella was 8 celeste was 4. I miss them, like, if you're alive haha,, please come barell rush me

Did he get the bum sex in the end or did the cops pick him up first ?

>I just want to see em, I could rush em in a barrel right now
What did he mean by this?


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>Btw you dont know where the nearest volcano is? Hehe.

Oh oh Chris Bros ....

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Why are americans like this?

The anal to faggot pipeline IS real.

Is watts a catcher or a pitcher in prison now?

Facts, during a desperate binge in Vegas, I almost fucked a tranny

He got the anal he wanted

No, he told the chick he was in Paris while he was being investigated, she had been contacted by the cops and knew he wasn't in Paris

How almost is almost user? Like just the tip ?

What? He never said he went anywhere, why would he?

Still thinking about how dumb Chris Watts must have been, like there is no way he has higher than 85 IQ. Even for a gigabrain it would have been difficult to get away with what he did, but he didn't even make an attempt.

He just hated those kids man

Kessinger spent more than two hours looking through the internet for a wedding dress just one week before Watts murdered his family. On the night of the murder, the woman was revealed to have spent 45 minutes Googling "how to prepare for anal sex", "the anal sex guide", and then eventually moved on to looking at videos of threesomes on a porn site.

>I just want those kids back

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What is his life like in prison? No way the other prisoners don't know who he is.

Oil I want
All I want
Is for
Those kids
To come back

he literally had no choice

Richello said Watts and Tallman had adjoining one-man cells inside Dodge. They discovered they could hear each other if they spoke into an electrical outlet in the wall that separated them which they dubbed ‘the holy outlet.’ She said both of them have turned to religion inside the maximum-security prison.

Watts — inmate number 674796 — was previously reported to have become best friends in Dodge with Jake Patterson, who abducted 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killed her parents in 2018. Patterson has since been moved to a prison in New Mexico.

Who knows, killing kids is a okay in the slammer but fucking them aint.

>I just want those kids to—
I don’t knowww
>But like… they—
I don’t knowwwwwww
>I just want em to barrel—
I don’t knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Why is Stayvun’s power level so much higher?

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