its so boring

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Then don't watch it or watch it drunk/high

episode 4 is out on torrents.
holy fuck its still boring.
more walking and talking in front of green screen. more shitty endless dialogue.

Watching boring shows high just makes them more boring, you get distracted because your dumbass stoner thoughts are more entertaining than whatever trash show you’re watching

is so bad is unreal

i'd take it, i'd take all the boring, if the writing was good
but it's not

Not enough tits and incest for you?

It isn't meant to be engaging. It's meant to help erase white culture. Simple as.

the hobbit is the only good thing tolkien created
prove me wrong
protip you cant

Ep 1 and 2 where tolerable. 3 and 4 are straight up garbage. The only characters I care for are Durin and Elrond. And that dude in numenor talking about elves as if they are illegals made me roll my eyes. Can I get a refund for my wasted time?

why not just read the books. you can read cantcha "white" man?

Usually by this point I'd have a character I like the most or a plot that I am really interested to continue.

It's not only boring, it's shitty globohomo propaganda as well

WWWAAAAOWWWW another jump scare in the tavern with an orc crawling out of a hole!

Is worse than boring. Is boring, preachy and has a massive cunt as lead. I would rather be 100% Woke shit, it would be more entertaining that way.

>its so boring
That's the only thing about Tolkien they got right.

Still not watching it, amazon shill.

Its just a build-up. Trust me its going to blow your mind later.
Sign up for amazon prime today

They got Bayona for the first couple of episodes to (try to) make the best impression, it's not going to get better, quite the opposite.


Good. I thought they would ruin it by making it for zoomer's.
Fantasy books are boring. They're thousands of pages long.


> amazon pays shills to promote their programmes on Any Forums where, at best, they could entice an user to torrent it.

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I’m pirating it and still feel ripped off, I can’t imagine paying for any of this shit

>it's now time to spend 15 minutes on the 6th subplot with boring characters saying retard exposition and trying to sound 2deep4you while pronouncing locations and names weirdly

>And that dude in numenor talking about elves as if they are illegals made me roll my eyes
i would love to see a production meeting where this idea is floated
do they actually think it's clever? do they say "this will show those racists"? it must be a grim sight if nobody in the room is sensible enough to realise it's cringe and tell them to throw that dogshit in the trash