I don't tip

>I don't tip.

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He was right

You don't?

Fuck jews.

I used to "tip" when I would get pizza, if the pizza was like 19.95 I would let the driver have the 5 cents because I couldn't be bothered waiting for them to rummage through their wallet looking for a 5c piece. As now everything is digital, they get nothing.

>The words "Off topic" shouldn't be in a janny's vocabulary.
>>Excuse me, mister user, but the last fucking thing you need is another off topic thread.

>They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing Americans that a mandatory tipping culture was a good idea

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Tipping is a great example of whether you're a good person or a bad person. Tipping allows the price of food to stay down with the expectation that everyone will contribute to help out the staff. You either help out your society, or you're a degenerate.

>mandatory tipping
It defeats the whole purpose of the thing. Same with the taxation of tips.

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Who told you that?A tiny hat man?

>help out your society
society? did you mean to say corporations, user?

they are conditioned to leave a tip from birth

enjoy the spit

I hate that Uber constantly nags me to tip the thirdie drivers. I don't live in america we don't tip here make a separate version without tips reeee.

how, how will I enjoy the spit when I will have already eaten my food and be on my way before you see that I haven't tipped?

I think he lying and trying to show off for the boys. I have stiffed restaurants staff before but have to accept not to eat there again for a year. So unless he never eats at same place twice (which is possible but not probable) i think he is showing off or trying to make up for the naming fiasco

Whats the point of cheap food if you tip?

cheap food, if you have to tip then it's not cheap, you've just been tricked into paying the employees wage so their boss doesn't have too

Because the money goes to the workers instead of the greedy owners.

yes, think of the poor corporations

But part of the food is cheap, it's because it cuts corners on the making off
I'm giving the same amount of money (now more socialism-friendly redistributed) for lower quality food.
Fuck that