Is her acting career over?

Is her acting career over?

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I don't know how.

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Musicians, mostly the ones at the top are successful because someone else has done most of the work behind the scenes. When it comes to acting it’s a different story, you actually need to put in effort to get good.
Think how Jaden Smith is a shitty actor but in music he does quite well because everything is done by someone else. Karaoke is easy.

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Yes, she is too fat and old now.

I hope not, she is the perfect woman


Holy shit it’s actually her

Pretty sure it came out as fake. It's like some random Ukrainian pornstar who looks vaguely like her when the angle is right. While I doubt there is a pic of it anywhere, Taylor definitely has sucked cock before and therefore I do not care aboit anything she has to say about anything

From what I've seen he's also a terrible pop star. He seems to have low on-stage energy and charisma. And his voice is entirely unremarkable, most buskers have better projection and range.
I think he's been getting by on his good looks and flamboyant wardrobe

Taytay is bi and I eagerly await someone to leak her FFM sex tape.

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I guess some are more manufactured than others.

I mean Harry Styles btw, I don't know about Jaden

No, she can act on my dick anytime, anywhere.

I don't think starring in Cats counts as an acting career


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How perfect would Taylor have been as Harley in the new Joker movie? Would gladly part with a kidney to see her replace Gaga

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Wow, I'm not a huge Taylor fan but she looks beautiful here. Do you guys ever think that beauty like this is sometimes hard to look at? It's almost overwhelming in how perfect it is. I'm talking like a fag here but it's oddly pleasurable and painful at the same time. It's like that feeling knowing you're never going to 'complete' your sex drive no matter how much pussy you get, because you'll always want more. That kind of thing.

yes user we all feel the same, even the non virgins. it's painful to look at something so beautiful that you know you can never experience.

Atrocious post. You should be banned for having such a shit opinion.

>replacing a pop star wannabe actor with another pop star
Bravo user

thats a nasty looking dick, that fuck is wrong with it?

it's not black that's the problem

She acted?

Mutilated by jewish culture

It's over