You’re seeing the Woman King, right?

You’re seeing the Woman King, right?

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>People who refuse to shoot themselves in the head are supporting the narrative that guns aren't safe

What if the film isn't good?

Actors are such idiots.

The movie actually looks alright but the title is so dumb

I'm just not gonna see a nigger movie.

Viola Negrola

That's not a "narrative", it's a fact.

Is it odd if I could watch any film set in any ethic group except black people? I'm not sure if it's because I've zero interest in their "culture" or just because I can imagine the smell through the screen but.

Is it just me

So is this another fake article made to upset anons? Because the film just released didn't it, this sort of comment is reserved for a few weeks in.

sorry but I only watch films and shows featuring attractive men.

Not going to watch your film.

t. woman
(not black though)

>Woman King
So, uh, a queen? Also, why the fuck does this nigress so hostile towards the audience? Convincing them to watch your film not threatening them, ffs.

It doesnt matter, they are going to say anything regardless of the outcome and success.

based quints of truth

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How about you let them first instead of just,ping the gun with a reaction to something non existent. It didn't happen with Shehulk

the fact she's trying to guilt trip people into watching it, make it sound like she knows this movie is a turd.
those maketting people are so stupid.
>our film might be shit but you have to watch it to prove you are not roicist.!
It makes going watching it a chore and social work instead of something you would do for fun. Anti fun marketting. who comes up with that shit !

if viola davies doesn't send me money she's literally worse than hitler

I'm telling you it doesnt matter, it's a way to dispel a losing arguement. They know it wont do as well and they are saying it was muh scary racists fault. Despite knowing full fucking well racists are never going to watch it and they are a marginalized group.

i just won't be paying for it

please tell me the french soldiers impregnated and humiliated these amazon warrior women after they were defeated

I would actually unironically see it if it was good. But it's current year and good movies don't get made.

women who managed to work their way to the top did not adopt the title queen because they would not have found any respect

despite how much the sight of female leaders and amazon warriors leads the primary audience of the film to come to the conclusion of "true equality" it simply isn't the case
in African society on the slave coast women are not considered equal but able to become honorary men usually through tradition of ritualistic executions and cannibalism
those few who became queen personally refused to go by it

in this blackwashing of history "based on true events" the title is probably the most accurate thing in the film

why are these blacks always the most entitled retards? They are like children.

hey hey John Boyega here!
I'll have you know that I have a prominent role in this movie, you don't want to miss out on this!

"People who refuse to shoot themselves in the head are supporting the narrative that Blacks are the only ones shooting people."

We should we suffer for an agenda we don't care about and/or are actively against, likely on principle?

Why is it propaganda when white people make films with real-life implications and influences, but when blacks do it, it's necessary for a healthy culture / it's educational / it's a reparation / it's racist to not blindly agree with whatever nonsense they shit out?

you're ugly and effeminate though.
not attractive
you're the black Jonah Hill

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Post attractive males

At least Jonah made a lot of people laugh and had an identifiable personality. Boyega is just a blob/blackhole of charisma and energy


you are the chosen one

For me it's Jensen. For ever.
I'm planning on watching the boys S3 just for him.
he's so dreamy.

Wonder if black chicks finds Boyega attractive. Doubt it though. Last time I check they were schliking to killmonger.

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Unironically it's because we keep letting them get away with it. They've seen that it works and it's a low-effort way to achieving your goal (gibs of some kind). They have become spoilt by us white people.

>gibsmedat or you're racist!
I, for one, am shocked to hear this sort of rhetoric from a respectable filthy nigger.

>I'm planning on watching the boys S3 just for him.

Why would you not watch it while it was airing? Any Forums had lots of threads about it.

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never thought i'd say this, but starr is holding it down with his acting most of the times

Because all of her movies flop. She's convinced it's part of a grand racist conspiracy and the cause of a shitty agent and poor decision making.