Is he still /ourguy/?

Is he still /ourguy/?

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Always will be

Reddit: the character

Reddit would piss their pants within 5 minutes of interacting with him

>"All black people are idiots"
-Gregory House


what if house but a woman?

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I don't remember that like tho, is real?

Ok, I'll post it.

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It's the mom from HeREDDITary

reddit would ban him unironically

>soap opera for women
>always shit
>soap opera for men
>always kino

He said worse things, that's for sure.

you gotta use the age filter too if you want cute House

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>Sandy Koufax? That’s all you Jews go on about…that and the Holocaust
yeah im thinking he’s still /ourguy/

NOOOOOO he's not really racist, he says racist things 24/7 to MAKE FUN of racists!

Could House be made today?

House is the epitome of anti-reddit though.

It would but the cast would be even more diverse (less white) and Dr House’s racism and sexism would need to be excluded.
He’s not really racist. He pushes people away because he’s afraid of intimacy.

My primary reason for watching.

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This picture is uncomfortable.