This is what happens when you only follow one story

And about 4-5 characters in total.

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Hey remember how there was 45 characters in game of Thrones, and they all had amazing plots and storylines... that went absolutely nowhere.

We're not watching you're stupid shit again, get over it.

>see game of thrones thread
>don’t see dream of spring on my bookshelf
>leave game of thrones thread

And that settles it!

Cope, they are targeting the high IQ GoT audience. Not the low IQ ADHD dregs of society GoT audience who needs action every 3 minutes.

this user gets it.

>bro you have to have 200 different characters and plots at the same time,
>bro what about fuckstick cockinster, he was only on screen for 5 seconds but he's going to be critical to the plot in 3 seasons bro
fuck off and rewatch original GoT then

they're just trying to pretend like rangz of the kangz isnt the only boring show

Damn Disney and Bezos are seething hard aren't they

I found it dull as fuck after the first two eps.
No characters just people standing around clearly making pretend. Except for Daemon his actor had something.

Creators made it because they were told to. Rather than wanting to.

Can I watch this if I didn't finish GoT? Dropped it around season 4.

she's white and ugly

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same energy

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can't believe I got all these memes from facebook mexico... lol

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It’s much better than GOT

did you retard just take 1 media blog who dont like HOTD and present as what??? mass agreement..

he/she is an idiot and out of touch..
its so weird because hardcore BOOK/GOT fan loving it.. i dont see any who dont.. maybe prescot but then he even like new episode..

It's not bad so far, the events are interesting enough but the show lacks any genuine honour or witt, which was a big part of the charm of GoT. I'm still interested in what's happening but it really needs to step up soon.

*genuine humour or witt,

Their writers can't even do the basic A plot and B ploy. Makes NCIS seem like a masterpiece

GoT was carried by Fat Man's texts acting as scripts. They don't have that for HoD. They need to write everything themselves and it doesn't come close.

By the way, even in the books the best stories are in the GoT/Robert's Rebellion time line. That's where GRRM put his best ideas and stories. The Targaryens were never that interesting. Even the Conquest was a boring read of overpowered dragons doing the job for them.

Amazoncucks seething

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*banjo music starts

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