Sadiebros we lost

>Sadiebros we lost

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The worst thing is a diverse cast so I'm guessing it has that. The second worst thing is it sounding so boring that nobody watches. That movie she did with Brendan Fraser is the latter. It sucks because Sadie is cute.


Sadie was Max in Stranger Things.

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>Sadiebros we lost
Don't worry we're fine

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>Don't worry we're fine
>Ummm you sure...

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I think she means covid getting in the way of shooting, then producers after several delays being forced to a limited theater release. they already know the movie won't make money, even though it might actually be good.


How do I get a redhead zoomer gf as a late millennial (1994)?

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Either gonna be hit or Miss, Black Swan was his last good movie

To do this, you will have to achieve the impossible
>step 1: go outside
>step 2: say "hi" to a redhead

should we post the trailer, OP? doesn't look much to be honest.

I was enjoying this up until I saw her boyfriend at 1 minute 20. I can't watch this. I'm sure women will love it.

The worst part is I thought the first guy she visits is her boyfriend but it's her dad or some shit.

I'm gonna watch it for Sadie, but I'll probably fall asleep in the middle, I almost did just with the trailer

It's so-so rating nothing amazing

It looks like a pretty B tier Drama but that wouldn't stop me if I liked the actress enough. For me, Sadie is just like
>oh, she's really pretty
and not
>my crippling depression will subside enough for me to watch a new movie

>And people said she would be bigger then Finn and Millie


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Is his movies that bad...

god i hate movie critics so much

she definitely will. already is. her career has a clear path. important people believe in her, they see the same things in her that anons were pointing out in the stranger things threads.