Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

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I can only speak as a fan of animation who has no experience it in, in that I agree CGI and especially A.I is the antithesis of art. You can argue A.I making something IS art, I can argue the shit I took this morning is art.

I don't care. I like animation, claymaton, effort, I like things that take decades to make.

Yes, art is manmade, art made by an AI is not art, but that AI is a work of art.
CG and other computer gimmicks serve to replace outsourced manwork that isn't cheap anymore.

Trips of truth.

Miyazaki movies look beautiful. Lets see how this awesome AI movies will look

the old guy is extremely retarded, you just have to read the way he castrated his own son in public and also his review of LOTR

Anime ruined Japanese cinema.

Based Miyazaki.

I agree with him in that the future of animated film progression will be submitting frame-by-frame into a system for interpolation into a follow up frame, vetting and re-drawing when needed. It's dehumanizing work.

This is also what handmade animation is already.

literally yayoi vs jomon

Miyazaki for being a self-righteous ass.

>nooo everything has to be a work of art!
Can't he show some basic respect to people working a job?

Miyazaki is the most mongoloid looking muttified jap that ever lived. I bet he's got chinese and korean ancestries. The beard and the Scorsese eyebrows are purposedly grown to hide that.

>you just have to read the way he castrated his own son in public and also his review of LOTR

Too creative to be a chink.

his son made a movie and he said it was shit, that should be punished by death imo

>Miyazaki is so based that even Any Forums hates him

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The pseudo-intellectual oldfag.

All of Japanese animation is full of sexualization of school girls. Japan can just get away with it because we barely understand them and they frankly don't care.

Pedos are still "dirty old men" over there.


I never understood why they even showed him that demo in the first place. It didn't even seem like they did it just to get a rise out of him. Also, it is a very stupid and pointless system. Part of the fun in horror, for creators and viewers alike, is seeing the fucked up shit people can come up with. Having a computer come up with the shit is peak soulless.

the guy probably slighted miyazaki in some insignificant way by like not bowing low enough or some other jap bullshit

>his son made a movie and he said it was shit,
the movie was about a son killing his father

Fairly simple, he's just loyal to his first waifu. That's also why he got mad when he learned they made doujins and shit of his heroines.

Poor Goro tho, he's taking all the risky shit I suppose to make some money for the studio and the old guy joins in with the criticism when it's not so stellar. But perhaps that's his own way of shitting on his cranky old man's legacy.

And he was completely right, movie was shit and full of subtle resentment to Miyazaki. Thats how things done retard, if something shit you call it out. In result the kid started making actually worthwhile movies.

they got the wrong Miyazaki number

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The animation looked bad and it was shown to Miyazaki of all people. The criticism they got was deserved.

>movie was shit and full of subtle resentment to Miyazaki

>The beard and the Scorsese eyebrows are purposedly grown to hide that.
yes chinks and koreans are notoriously famous for their full beards that they can grow

every gook looks the same you retard, japs only think they're different because they live on an island and hate themselves

>create a system to make animation easier for animators
>cheap chinese ripoff Disney throws a hissy fit

Go have a look at Ghibli's 3d shit, its bottom of the barrel trash. Meanwhile Disney-Pixar films are constantly using cutting edge technology to elevate their artform higher and higher with each and every film.