Tfw you realize Nazgûl means "Nazi ghoul"

>tfw you realize Nazg├╗l means "Nazi ghoul"

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Yes, Tolkien was anti war and anti national socialism. Doesn't mean whe was pro niggers and groomers.

>Sauron Man
Bravo! Bravo!

Probably, but when you are selling to retards you have to make names for retards or you don't sell well.

That's pretty fucking stupid

>Very evil character
>called "More Goth"
Bravo Tolkien

Tolkien would have hated Jews if he understood how truly evil they are

>villain lives in the land of Murder

Bravo, Tolkien.

> Old tree man
> Called Treebeard

What a genius

i bet u r a tolkien fan

post a better name

>a group of Jews was turned into ash by nazis
>they are called Ash-'em Nazi Jews

>the volcanic area of Mordor is completely barren
but volcanic soil is actually extremely fertile wtf Tolkien

Enty the Ent

mordor is an articial land made by Sauron

as usual Any Forums can't do better than the people it criticizes


>short, hairy people that love to accumulate material riches live in a place called "Khazar-Doom"
>they fall victim to something called a "Baal Rogue"

Absolute genius

user the south of Mordor is green

>Khazad-dum becomes moria because the dwarves are greedy

>Elephant like creature
What a genius

>giant spider is a female

Bravo, Vince. Bravo.

>walking trees join the war
>It Ent Me starts playing

>village full of halflings
>is called "Halflington"

>land with a big gate
>"More Door"

>Faramir's brother

>character that kills the Nazi Ghoul and wins the battle

>king from a previous age

what a hack

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