Uhh... Rangzbros?

I've never seen Amazon send a push notification to my phone before. Is the Dark Lord Bezos becoming this desperate?

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my jamaican black girlfriend is enjoying rangs of the kangz

My Jamaican Black girlfriend is enjoying Rangz of the Kangz.

Based coloniser.

its quite obvious that the show isnt gaining the interest that the showrunners had hoped it would get

oh no no no....amazonsisters tolkienlets on suicide watch

It's obvious the show is so popular that Amazon is sending out notices so people will know the instant a new episode is available.

I have Prime and do not watch Rangz but I just bought Top Gun:Maverick.
What does that mean?

It means that you're a gun-loving chud

Of course. Thank you based Bezos.
You're on a watchlist. Expect your next incel interrogation at the kinoplex to be extra thorough.

based boomer chud

as for me
>not going to watch TGM because I never liked Top Gun
>not going to watch Kangz of the Rangz because I never liked tolkien

May rewatch Supernatural instead

>no I will not watch rings of power on prime video.
>yes I will watch the grand tour special that releases today on prime video

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I will pirate this now.

Bezos is not even CEO anymore now Amazon is ruled by literal jew.

>Elves are stealing our jobs!!
>They're crossing the south border!!
>Make Numenor great again!!
yeah no thank you, I have enough with the webms that people post here

>yes yes, Shaquila O'neil, this is the perfect face to emote for someone who is seeing a tsunami rolling towards them great job as always

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>defending bezos

not one person I know irl is watching this soulless trash

perhaps it is you who is soulless

no u

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