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What did Tolkien mean by this?

why are americans like this?

Tolkien was a bong you eurochud

Good thing tolkien didn't write this piece of shit

never heard of her

Is this a protest of Flour and Pastry union?

aa yes the chapter where the numenorians rioted over the immigrant elf, what page was that again?

Holy shit that mutt-en-scene design

Tell me this is fake

There is a tampon in me!

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if this is real, this shit is gonna flop so hard lel

Hmm. Not a lot of diversity here. Suspicious.

Why are all the women in Amazon shows so unattractive?

Holy shit lol

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Please deliver us from this evil.

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It's like orcposting, but for real

u r smart

Didn’t Numenor have a much of black people in earlier scenes but now they’re all white for this one scene?

this is what you fragile white incels are like just accept it

Do americans appreciate they're living in a totalitarian state? or is this just normal over there? I know this isn't the place to ask. It's like something solzenichen would write. Everything down to the most insignificant thing must represent the regime

Robust white sex haver here, and I agree, elves will not replace us.

the more astute normal people are aware, weird wokecels with no friends outside of the internet like are completely oblivious

the joke's on you for watching this garbage piece of dogshit.
t. serion tolkien enjoyer who maratoned through the 1st episode in 2 sittings just to be suru I defo don't wanna watch it.

Why would you watch this shitstain fucking series? Just to make your life more miserable? Are you into BDSM by any chance?

Is this real? Did they actually put a fucking Charlottesville reference in Lord of the Rings?

No way this is real

>Having a 'They won't replace us' plot with a race that has abysmally low birthrates [elves]
What the fuck were they thinking?

Unironically yes

If they actually understood what they were opposing with their propaganda, they wouldn't oppose it.

>1st civilization to outlaw slavery
>has the most immigrants
>is the most tolerant towards minorities
>provided riches you could've never imagined
But fuck ((((white people)))), right?


No that's white people. Not (((white people))).

You mean caucasian Europeans.
Fuck off wiht your retarded made up amerimutt terms.

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Look at this precinct, most people here are racist. Are you annoyed by "elves will not replace us" why? SE looked in the mirror and saw himself in the series.

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None of them are white.

It's fake. You retards will believe anything.
>source: I watched Episode 4

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kill all edomites

No shit, Sherlock.

this is EXACLTY what tolkien wanted and did write about you fucking chuds