Why was Dany’s obvious white saviour story not criticised?

Why was Dany’s obvious white saviour story not criticised?

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got was so popular that it was above criticism

It was criticised and GRRM was attacked over it

imagine all those unwarshed hands fisting her puss and greasy khaleesi bung

If I remember correctly that scene did get some criticism.

that scene was pre-"cultural shift". the criticism existed, but people didn't pay attention because twitter was on its infancy still, random tweets were not quoted as gospel yet.

yes but it was drowned out by the hype, same as muh rape

This is her entire character p, it’s just concealed way better in the books. The show is on the nose and reminds you of it towards the end. She’s a spoiled babby who thinks she’s queen of the world because magic dragons. The sorceress saw her for who she was: spoiled cunt. Jon Snow did nothing wrong.

I like the part where the brown peoples culture was shit on and she freed their slaves and proved whites were superior

Why do you hate empowered women, user?

White feminism superseded accusations of racial insensitivity at the time

>Why was Dany’s obvious white saviour story not criticised?
It was but you have to understand that by S3 the show had become a normie hit and a lot of people that gatekeep opinions were into it so these sorts of criticisms got no traction. It was also pre-2015 so wokeness wasn't nearly as bad yet.

Imagine not being on Any Forums when this first aired then coming on to Any Forums now and basically admitting it.
It was criticized newfag now fuck off.

Didn't she fuck it all up and the city was made worse by her?

It was a different time

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>when a white person makes an anti-white tweet

>she's a "white savior" when she's good
>it's sexist when he reveals she's actually crazy/evil
Can't win with these people

It definitely was criticized.
But it was different then. The woke progressives and CRT had not taken over the left or mainstream yet.
Obama almost lost the Democratic nomination in 2008 when his church's preacher was filmed saying things that are just basic tenets of CRT and black liberation ideology and now endorsed by modern democrats. At the time the democrats and mainstream liberal media jumped on the preacher and Obama had to disavow him.
In just a few years the Democratic and Republican platforms would be unrecognizable.

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It was. But it was also 2014 or something. you have no idea of the amout of social engineering we suffered afterwards.

A Song of Bobs and Vagene

it was beautiful

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