This says a lot about society

This says a lot about society

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goku is black

Who else tried to turn in SSJ3 as a kid?

women can only hate and feel envy

Why he has many things that would make you think that
>absent father
>chimps out quite often
>doesn't have a job
>enjoys beating people
>puts civilization in danger everytime
>and along etc
he's clearly Med

It's common knowledge in the Afro-American community that Dragonball is depicting the struggles of black people.
Why do you think Goku has a tail?

Absolutely fucking wrong

>beats his baby son then leaves for two decades

have they done a story where gokus magic ki ability doesnt work so he's just a buff human for a bit maybe a bad guy sucks his powers off or something

I shaves my eyebrows because of that, yes

Are you Canadian? I knew someone who did it, he did it seriously

I have never done this in my life.

One is self inserting the other sees himself as a warrior too


It's actual fact that when men see a guy we want to be, we consider working towards being them.

When a girl sees a woman she wants to be, she becomes indignant. Angry. It's hilarious, we all think it's a race thing when REALLY it's a woman thing. No black MAN ever gave me some white privelege spiel, always some lightskinned black cunt in glasses who underestimate my intelligence.

Boys care about what the character stands for, not what they look like

Im non white and i think he is literally me

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I wasn't exactly a 15 foot tall bullnose wagon from another planet at 7 and I didn't really want be

Black people will dead ass tell you they are this guy

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I not only turned into SSJ3, but I also turned into SSJ4 as well (fuck you, it's canon in MY eyes).

I was a fat lil white boy & I remember running round the house as Spawn & Blade.

No, Goku is white. You niggers don't have blonde hair like Goku does. lol

Amerimutt "society" is retarded. Fuck off.

yeah growing up I had a black friend and never even considered he was black, just my friend. and I also thought Blade was the baddest mtherfucker. batman and spiderman was cringe

ironically, people forcing me to not be racist - has made me racist. oddworld.

They actually did have an episode of Super like that. He fucks himself over after busting out the Kaioken for the first time in years and can't use ki for an entire day, so he winds up having to babysit his granddaughter.

I wish we could isolate american culture to its own country the way we dont have to hear shit about whatever the fuck China or India is doing.

good one

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He’s a literal ALIEN WEREGORILLA you retard

That 1 black kid turned super saiyan on YouTube.