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quick rundown?

He's always been crazy and hasn't even been in anything in like a decade


based and schizoid pilled

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Damn, what drugs was the guy on when he was at this event. I've never seen eyes like this

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that's his default look

he was fired off hannibal for being a pain in the ass, the guy has clearly been spiraling for a long time

hopefully hes not an organ donor

No man can have Eva Green taken from them and keep their sanity

do you really think that if EMTs strap people down and spirit them away to steal their organs, that they would give a fucking shit if that person was a registered donor?

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him getting fired off of boardwalk is what kept that show from being the greatest tv show ever made

Remember when he was Phoebe's boyfriend? He always looked like he was going to croak on set.

He absolutely sucked on Boardwalk
He's just not a good actor at all

Is that the latest Any Forums-tier conspiracy theory? That low-wage earners are murdering people and keeping it secret?

they are spiteful. every hospital i've been to has been full of spiteful and greedy workers from the wardsmen to the nurses to the doctors they are scum looking to make a quick buck. ironically if you are not a donor they are more likely to harvest you because of their spiteful and hateful nature.

It's older than Any Forums
Hospitals don't work as hard to save organ doners because it's more profitable to use their organs for transplants.

This is just a quick reminder that Jimmy was exonerated and proven right by the end of the series. Jimmy literally, unequivocally, dindu nuffin. Full stop end of story. He was a good boy on his way to selling booze, then he was betrayed by his asshole friends, dyke wife, unironically raped by his own mother, and backstabbers by his mentor. I just sad that it took Any Forums over 10 years to figure out that Jimmyfags were right all along. We tried to tell you guys, but you kept calling us gay. Well looks who's gay now.

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this is about anne hesche and the footage of her being stretchered onto the ambulance after her crash. because she was struggling people thought she was fine and not injured. even though the car she was trapped in for 45 minutes was on fire.


>what sniffing eva greens bush does to a man

Well…. Bye