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Fury Road basically has no reason to exist other than to expose modern millennials/zoomers for the fags they are.

Modern """males""" can't relate to a guy like Gibson who literally got the part after getting into a bar fight. (Not to mention they probably consider him to be a toxic male and think Apocalypto "is like the boringest movie ever made")

Numales relate more to Tom Hardy, even though he looks like he blew a guy at a bar to get the part. I mean even his interpretation of Bane was a literal simp.

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all 3 are good

Don't care, Fury Road was fun, lots of chases and explosions. Shit goes boom, I'm happy

>Furiosa pretty much kicks his ass for most of the fight
what did Miller mean by this?

That she was a cyborg?

>Have a prosthetic arm

Ash from Evil Dead is a more believable cyborg.

I like both

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I dont remember max in Road Warrior kicking much ass besides the ending chase

I liked Fury Road, but the overpraise it got was really weird. It's great for a modern action movie, but in the grand scheme of things it was only pretty good.

This is user, we love his satire.

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So you think he was a pussy cop all along?
You just blew my mind.

Tom Hardy is the most """masculine""" British male that isn't Jason Stathem (which means he's still a fag)

It was a little lame. The waterfall contraption at the start was so unbelievable it kills the tone for the whole movie

The first one and the third movie are boring as fuck. Only the Road Warrior is somewhat worth watching.

It's because we've seen nothing but hot garbage for the past 10 years. It stood out in comparison.

its the best action movie of the last decade, maybe even since the matrix
what more do you want for it to deserve praise?

>So you think he was a pussy cop all along?
yeah that is exactly what I think user thanks for putting my thoughts into words for me

Fury Road was garbage

Wrong! First one is obviously the best. It's great, set just as society is starting to fall apart, things are just a bit crap, nothing over the top. Full of pure late-70s Oil Crisis anxiety (relevant again today), fantastic villain, ultraviolence, lots of weird villainous "problematic" homoeroticism, pure kino.

>fantastic villain
It's literally the same guy who plays immortan joe.

Fifi Macaffee (the MP chief) was hilarious

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