Is he right?

Is he right?

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Don't know don't care. I'll always watch King of the Hill & Beavis and Butt-Head
As well as golden age looney tunes

He's insecure

Why should I care of what women and homosexuals think of my hobbies?

Thank you for the life advice short bald minority man.

Not exactly the guy to talk about maturity


What about people over 15 who police internet in search of people who like cartoons, pretending to speak for all women?

Does he know that his fanbase are mostly anime watcher? talking shit about dbz to nig, spics and incels... not a smart move

My wife likes Card Captor Sakura

>falling for bait
come on you fags, I expect better

why did he pick dragon ball z as an example?

he's 6'3

Sure you are Andy.

But mister, I don't base my self worth on what women will think of me. I do what feels natural to me.
You actually sound like a woman, unironically.

I agree, this includes grown men being upset over casting for Disney movies.

If you are over 20 and take yourself this seriously such that you can't enjoy anything, you're a loser. No excuse. Plus ANY woman loses respect for you. Grow up.

Im 7'5".

don't care what this chinlet says

his Bugatti is the wrong color

Its bullshit. If you're hot and give off good vibes you can like whatever you want and still get a gf.

who the fuck cares what women think lol

I don't get it, of all the things you could criticize him for, why this?

Literally who?

>caring about what women want
I can't respect a man who basis his life decisions on what women want or think

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Does Bee Movie count as a cartoon?

you do obviously

I know this sounds like sour grapes, but I feel zero attraction for any woman that "loses respect" for me because I watch anime.

I lose respect for them for not liking anime.

The women this guy is trying to fuck, I consider nothing but whores. I would rather masturbate than even talk to them or interact with them in any way.


Anime is for degenerates and Mexicans.

No real man cares about the "respect" of women.

oh look it's balding nigger mulatto chinlet pyramid schemer
i'm sure whatever he has to say is very important and relevant to my life

Why does this guy make all you supposedly anti-feminist, "why are men so pussified in modern culture" types seethe so much? I thought you hated political correctness, sȯyboy consoomer manchildren, coomers, corporate emasculation, "wageslaves who depend on the system" etc. Looking for honest answers.

>I lose respect for them for not liking anime.
Touch grass
Take a shower
Hit the weights
Get a clue


Based. Slice women with a katana

Don't care about some bald faggot's opinions or women.

Now a days everyone is into fucking anime, seems like the normie thing. For some reason I still hide my power level because it's still cringe.

>dude you must be on one extreme or the other!!!
Have you considered that there are retarded outlooks on both sides?

Bro I fucked up bad and fell for the Andrew Tate meme. I dropped out of school and enrolled in hustlers academy in my final year thinking it was for suckers but now i regret many things. Here to spread awareness about Andrew Tate, please read if you don't know who the guy is. To those who dont know who he is (if youre like me) then oh my goodness. This guy is so damn sexist. he once claimed women should serve men and that men should rape them. why come?. I first learned of andrew when i was sitting behind a computer, minding my own business. it was a thursday night, and i was sitting there as usual. all of a sudden, something odd caught my eye. i cant quite explain it..... but..... i had to check it out. there was just.... something about it......... odd. it was about 157 videos, i took a deep breath and started to watch. i wanted sex advice but got something not so nice. andrew tate was sitting there in crudely drawn places. the obscene fucking pedophile shouted loudly at the children, “do you want ice cream”, his eyes literally rolled back 90 degrees, crimson red and with veins the size of sweater threads popping. cannabis hung off his lip and burned loudly, a 5 inch cherry and ashdrop drooping obscenely over his jaundiced overbite and raging face.”yes uncle tate, we want ice cream” .
but suddenly, replying only with 150decibel stomach noises,
the corners of his mouth shifted to nearer the base of his neck than his face, like this, which was at this point completely covered in saliva and sweat.he grabb3d the ▶ childrens tshirts and fashioned the lower ◀ halves into bowls , or scoops, the true jawless man pooping into them, and he subsequently killed 150,000 people , its like rip we just killed the club

another insecure eceleb scared of anything that he thinks could make him turn femme

they're all either grifters trying to sell you shit, or in denial and one short step away from getting the lipstick and dildos out.

Who cares if women in general respect you?

>alpha male guru
>is actually a closeted prancing faggot
Many such cases!

True. He's the subject of countless piss taking youtube videos from leftie faggot zoomer men with the 'respect all women's mentality. He's obviously a mutt cunt, but at least he's not a total pussy and is at least slightly masculine. Anyone that doesn't bow down to twitter fags is worth listening to on some level.

Its weird. Anime is suddenly socially acceptable and hip after being the neckbeard hobby for 20 years


Because rather then grasp common sense, people drift to his guy like he's some prophet for spouting half bullshit they can't figure out for themselves. If you constantly point to this guy then chances are that your character is naturally weak. Why do you need this guy to say shit? Why do you need to talk about him? That's why people dislike him. It's weak people getting defensive because their new e-daddy is saying common sense or just petty dumb shit like OP image. You shouldn't give a fuck what women think because it makes you weak to be easily swayed. Be yourself but be confident in what you like/do

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im 26 and watch cartoons with my 21 year old gf