>chosen one
>youngest seeker ever on the quidditch team
>saved the school twice
>dragon slayer

Absolute fucking joke that he couldn't get a date for the ball. Girls should have been lining up to ask HIM out. Bravo Rowling

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They saw him as a freak, he was blamed for the Basilisk 2 years ago.

They could tell he was a virgin . Same as you op

He shoud've asked Luna.

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yeah even as a little kid reading the books I remember being annoyed at how much Rowling constantly forced him to be this passive goody two-shoes underdog who never enjoys the perks of being the hero.

they should have been doing that from the first book because he survived voldemort.

I honestly shipped it. Why the fuck did he end up with Ginny? They had no chemistry.

Harry wanted to be part of the Weasley family, he craved it more than anything and Ginny looked like his mother

Ginny was like a female Ron, the true object of his desire.

Ron would have turned into a school shooter if Hermoines BF hadn’t died

Books says he's short, scrawny and average at best
He's not rich, his paternal family used to be but they lost everything. Harry's riches are barely enough to pay Hogwarts tuition
Shown time and again to be more of a hindrance than a skill
>Chosen one
Debunked. The whole prophecy was made up and he didn't even kill Voldemort
>Youngest seeker
In the last 300 years, not ever
>Saved the school twice
He didn't save jackshit. The point of harry potter is that he's a neutral observer that just watches as people do stuff for him, harry himself is a mediocre wizard
>Dragon Slayer
He didn't kill a dragon, he tried to outsmart one and failed miserably if not for a deus ex machina, as always

> Absolute fucking joke that he couldn't get a date for the ball. Girls should have been lining up to ask HIM out. Bravo Rowling
there is always at least one defect. Mabye not 6'1'' enough. Or not enough friends for improving her social standing. Or not blue eyed. Or without a perfect A+ GPA score. Or didn't dress drip enough on a handful of particular weekday months prior. Or not ripped enough. Or liked cheap street food instead of expensive restaurants. Or didn't had the right high status car. Or replied to text as soon as he could instead of waiting few hours for looking busy and aloof, therefore showing himself as easily attainable, not a hard-to-get prize able to improve her social standing among her peers. Or was shy at times / wasn't particularly brilliant during a stressful period, therefore not arrogantly confident with 100% uptime. Or he didn't correctly guess girls' actual intentions from extremely mixed signals they were giving him, and in turn they became extremely frustrated because the chosen one / mr right should be able to do that at once. Etc etc.
This is not a rant, merely some simple statements from experience. There are lots of bad men too, yes, but you should know how a great deal of women on this planet actually are nowadays. If you're supposedly great but not perfect, the relationship is doomed from the start. Having mass psychological profiling data, I'm open to be proven wrong tho

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I hate both of you

Go to bed freud

Cause in the books Ginny's smoking hot and super popular. It's one of the few complete miscasts in the series


Ever thought the OP may be a biological girl?

Tits now.

Because Rowling is a tory hack who can't imagine a world where the jock ends up with the unpopular girl.

>ywn see a HP movie where Harry hosts a bj contest to see who he will take to the ball

>Ron wins

Haceme un pete, colorado alcahuete!

your post depressed holy hell out of me

>be fag
>present as "sissy" online (fairly feminine, short, petite etc.)
>get bombarded by hundreds of messages from men, most average and many actual Chads
>gets to such a point it becomes numbing and ignore almost all of them
I can't even imagine the amount of male attention an attractive or even average woman gets on a daily basis