Why is this okay, but making one white character into a half black character is "radical wokeism"?

Why is this okay, but making one white character into a half black character is "radical wokeism"?

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Jesus was a white republican Christian from middle America

Jesus is closer to a modern day, dark skinned arab, with black hair and brown eyes.

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He just had to spend a lot of time outside because libtards stole all the air conditioners

According to "experts".

wokeism isn't even a real thing. "woke" is a word that the right-wing has hijacked in order to further manipulate and brainwash its base by treating it as a catch-all for everything "they don't like" or that doesn't align perfectly with their radical agenda.

Because "white Jesus" is normally made by studios from a white country making it for a white audience. An adaptation of Beowulf by a Senegalese studio for the Senegalese public would be full of black people and that's okay. In fact, it's natural and expected.

The thing that annoys people on the other hand is why a story by a white writer, being adapted by a studio of a white country, that will be seen primarily by a white public, is suddenly full of black people.

America has never been and will never be a white country

Jesus was white

He was jew

Jews are white

Why does everyone think the holy spirit is a talking bird?
Why is every aspect of religion fucking retarded?

No they arent

That's right. And he would blow homosexuals away with his Browning high power.

Here are your dark skinned arabs dude

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Nah thats you

>It's another episode of "leftard blames the right for things the left is famous for"
Stay tuned

>caucasic man interpreted by a caucasic man
What's the problem here?

answer your own question first faggot. You're the one who thinks they're equivalent and wants to do more. Why is it OK?

Goyim Know

Shut It Down!!!

yes they were and subverted by hooked nose beady eyes khazars- do you gobble everything mainstream down ur herpes ridden gullet?

No they arent you stupid fat american