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Narsil? edition


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I’m derailing this thread

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>Nostrils? edition
snif snif

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Dios mio

The acting is so terrible


not much diversity on view in that scene

reminder that the fact that Numenor's crowds are 90% white means that pic related was an in-universe diversity stunt

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They could have given 100 million dollars to like Margot robbie as Galadriel and still made a 900 million dollar show

wow…it’s just like that one time in Germany in 1933…and again in the USA in 2016…0

It reminds me how in the Star Wars shows the crowds in these exotic alien planets are always western humans
A warped retrograde vision of diversity

>elf workers taking our jobs
No. I refuse to believe this is the real line. Tolkien elves are ethereal otherworldly unknowable creatures

>You guys will fight for my people? That´s awesome. Anyway, i will stay here comfy in Numenor. GOOD LUCK!

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pic related is the only good thing to come out of the entire show, no? i can't think of anything else

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I feel like this is the successor to webm related

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sister doesn't want to watch the new episode right now :(

Guys I said this in another thread but might aswell say it in the general. Are we expecting
-Pharazon to wed the black against her will
-Pharazon to sail to middle earth to dominate Sauron and bring him back
The former will absolutely happen to do the race stuff but I don't think the latter will

The mandates were in 2021, user

Why would an elf, a semi immortal creature who's been around for thousands of years, wage slave? Like I know there are elven artisans and such but I'd imagine they craft things for purpose and beauty. Not for coin. This is so fucking stupid.

I've seen praise for the orc design.
I don't know... why do they have scales, why are they lizard people?

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this is easily the worst clip of the show out of any that have been posted here. Pure garbage.

the first seems a little too problematic for the modern age

>a royal elf was stranded on our island and wants to get out of here
>what's next, are we gonna have elf immigrants here working for minimum wage?
yeah this show is just retarded stop having expectations

what happened to her skin? why is it so rough and craggy? it's like she crawled out of the emyn muil

...Why does she open her mouth? Who thought her stern look is better if she makes this retarded expression?

They wanted to keep the number of Pedowood actors in the show to the bare minimum, which is understandable

How did this show cost 1 billion dollars to make.
I just don't get it. Where did all the money go?