Accurate depiction of cave women?

Accurate depiction of cave women?

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There should be a movie about cave woman raising babies. I really wonder how they did it.

Did cavewoman dress like sluts? Seems kinda impractical

what aspect of it is mysterious? it's difficult and boring but not a high IQ undertaking.

Depends where they were and what they were doing I’m sure.

Very. The only thing missing is a rape scene

>Did cavewoman dress like sluts?
Most likely, you can take a look at the Rainforest tribes, lots of Africans too.

Women would never be able to figure out how to tan hides on their own.

They lack the brains.

Californian cave women of the 1960's.

I doubt cavewomen would have covered their breasts.
Breast nudity being taboo was popularized by Christianity. When Portuguese missionaries arrived in Japan, they were horrified to find out women were running with their breasts exposed. Similar stories can be found with the conquistadors meeting the Aztec women.

It is pretty sad that milkers are considered NSFW.

>Women would never be able to figure out how to tan hides on their own.
>They lack the brains.
Be cave woman.
Get pregnant snd survive child birth.
Wrap infant in animal skin.
Infant shits and pisses all over animal skin, because it’s an infant.
Cavewoman is too lazy to clean animal skin immediately, because female.
When cave woman finally rinses animal skin in river, because caveman is getting annoyed about shit and piss covered infant and animal skin, woman discovers skin is more durable.
>Theoretically possible.

It turned out that white skin and blond hair are very recent mutations, so not a single cavewoman would look like that.

Tits wouldn't be nearly as attractive if they weren't forbidden. And tucked away in bra's that keep gravity from doing its job. Have you ever seen a pic of tribeswomen.

jungle people don't find tits attractive because they see it all the time

>le ebin coomer bait movie
accurate depiction of the late 60s

wouldnt porn addiction kill itself then

It's how they were depicted on the BBC children's show so it must be true.

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god I hate women

it does, but then the coomers keep finding new fucked up stuff to coom to

is that really so
sounds like a slipper slope fallacy at first glance