Here is your little mermaid bro

Here is your little mermaid bro

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I didn’t think they could swim ?

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the only time Zendaya would have been an improvement

Anyone got the trailer where they made her white again?

I wouldnt mind if the characters replaced were "human" white women (redundant white women are not human but you know what i mean) because lets be honest: white women deserve to be replaced and have any short of identity, except that of traitorous subservience to POCs, taken away from them, but it pisses me the fuck off when they go after european mythological creatures such as fairies, mermaids, elves, dwarves etc

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That's 10x times worse.

I don't care, I'm actually glad for them

>actually believing these bullshit marketing videos

Nice videos dude

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It's just a fucking compilation that someone else made, but it's individual people being happy about it even if some of them are acting for internet, the main motivation is the joy they feel knowing that it will be a black girl.
but if the first thing you think is that it is a conspiracy of Jews for I don't know what purpose, then you have a problem

Here is your little mermaid bro

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Aquaman's daughter finally made it.

What with her eyes?

Yeah, I finna need a name for this unit?

Using black people as a viral marketing tool is weird and wrong also she is a literal who in a soulless cash grab shitmake only there as a token. People are dumb if they must watch only people of their own skin color even if they are a minority in the society they make these demands of.

I hope this movie will flop hard

First I get that it's a compilation, that doesn't mean it isn't bullshit.
Secondly I don't give a fuck about their supposed joy. They want characters on screen that look like them, then they should make their own or ask for original creations, instead of going nuts for perversions of existing characters. But they don't ask for originality because they're just happy to get the shit that Disney gives them because they're either too young, too stupid, or too corporate brainwashed to demand better quality content.
Thirdly I didn't say anything about Jews, but the fact that you're immediately jumped to trying to defend that angle makes me think that you were already thinking that.

The fact is this piece of shit isn't some shining bastion for diversity or a victory in representation for black people. It's just Disney shoring up their copyrights and trademarks while surfing a wave of fake wokeness that they've been stirring up because it makes for free marketing.

That's not how you use finna.

>make thread with white mermaid
>make thread with another ugly mutt mermaid
>still up
is every single janny black? that explains a lot actually

GTFO, Bailey is way hotter.

Put down the stolen phone, Laquisha

Listen just finna give me the name or not

It's a deepfake pasting a still image over a moving model. So the eyes are just squashing the image to make it look like they're moving/blinking. They're also too far apart but that's because the original black chick looks like the creature from Splice, so there's only so much they can do.

>People are dumb if they must watch only people of their own skin color
There's a difference between "Oh wow a black mermaid who looks like me! I've never experienced this before" and literally needing a character to look like you 100% of the time.