No Star Wars movie in 2023

back in 2020 they announced the movie with this video "my father was a fighter pilot, I will make the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time, I'm gonna see you very soon"

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Meanwhile Feige is shitting out marvel content every 2 months

Get your shit together lucasfilms

They are probably going to go back to the drawing board and blatantly rip off Top Gun Maverick.

Got predictably rid of Patty Jenkins They'll sideline Taika next.

I'd prefer less Disney movies overall

feige had marvel comic to adapt meanwhile star wars doesnt have anything except some EU related stuff which we all know shit

>directed by Patty Jenkins
So you know it's going to be more abject garbage.

>making campy space movies for children is hard!

idk sounds like a skill issue, maybe they should have hired some competent people instead of diverse leftists

>make the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time
Choose one.

What do you mean, rape movies are kino

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Take your meds, Any Forumsschizo

>campy space movies for children is hard!
i fucking wish but critics and star war fans plus breadtuber need everything to be super serious

Just make movies about a white kid blowing things up in a spaceship and fighting evil guys with a laser sword. It isn't that hard.

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He's 100% correct.

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon was originally going to be a Star Wars film, so it will technically be the only Star Wars film in 2023.

It's safe.

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>lion king sequel
Fuck yes.

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i dont get it

In the original Simba is shocked, in the new CGI movie he simply don't give a fuck.


>Strong women and queer pilots of color have to blow up a sexbot factory to stop the Chud Order.