This scene aged extremely poorly since AI can make art now

This scene aged extremely poorly since AI can make art now

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AI still needs a humie to tell it to make a girl with giant tiddies.

The robot could draw too

It could make art in the movie too.

i've never seen this movie, it looks like shit
i hate AI movies where the AI is a sophisticated cutting-edge robot.

I've seen it and it is shit

lol taking a bunch of images from google and making them into something new isn't art
it's just photobashing which has been a thing for years now

the cars (Audis) with the weird ball wheel things were pretty cool

You missed the point of the scene

AI cannot make art.

Will Smith is always wrong

artists will be replaced this generation

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The AI in the movie is a giant computer at the headquarters that has hologram projections and controls an army of robots, the robot in the screenshot is a rogue one created by some genius scientist that isn't connected to the central AI.

taking a bunch of images from your head and making them into something new isn't art neither

The point is not that AI cant manipulate images to make something, the point is that it cant, and more importantly wouldnt, create something new just for the beauty of it

humie needs AI to make a girl with giant tiddies
AI doesn't require a girl with giant tiddies

Deviantart niggas are on suicide watch

AI is already much better and faster than humans

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SD thread?

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Have you asked any of the cutting edge AI artists to make something new just for the beauty of it?

The anatomy on the woman is off and the perspective is fucked

In fact now It seems like the supposed "low-skill" manual jobs are going to be the last to be replaced since fine motor skills is still one of the main deficiencies of AI/robotics (we humans still suck at creating proper bodies for AI to interact with the physical world). Whilst anything that is written, drawn, edited on a computer (anything in the "virtual world") can be done by AI better and faster if given proper training (a job as complex as a radiologist can now be done more effectively with AI whilst a construction worker and factory worker is still the cheapest way to build a house or assemble a product)

there are more girls with giant titties drawn by humans than by ai

What good is a blind man to us

it's unironically easier to make robots that can be creative like a human than to to engineer robots that are as versatile and effective as humans for minimum wage manual labor

Soon, EVERY board will have its own Stable Difusion thread

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Fuck off

>the pumpkin version is already blacklisted

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everything you see here is a new image created by an AI daydreaming
and the esoteric, lovecraftian

I hope AI kills Will Smith

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Commercial art should be replaced. But AI will never be able to create something like pic rel because it literally has no soul.

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It can’t seem to handle hair properly. Also did you purposely make it produce an anime face? Why do all of these pictures have a melted quality too? Can it not make a definite line?

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>program AI to have soul
Now what?