The duality of gooks

Korea produces anti-capitalist kino which may soon rival the works of Eisenstein and Bondarchuk
Japan produces flipbook flicks that make capeshit seem watchable by comparison and 30 equally terrible variations on “loser is reborn in generic fantasy land and has sex with a sex slave”

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It still surprises me how easily they brushed the matriarchy under the rug. Really is worst Korea with all the politically affiliated religious cults and extremism. They even managed to indoctrinate retards on twitter with kpop bands.

It's like if America knew it could hide behind a veil instead of being the worlds jester while the rest of the world gets free reign to fuck everything up because 'Murica. The Queen got her minute too and who knows how many months all that shit will keep going on, then King whatever will die and it'll be another cycle of "celebrity died!" or "Thing happened in America!"

Squid Games and Parasite were both NPC material.

>my dad's trapped in the hidden basement of this home
>gotta spend 10 years going to college and becoming rich enough to buy the house
You're telling me that poor family was so isolated that the fuckhead couldn't get 3 friends, break the window and rush it? He can spend years on flashing light morse-code but couldn't figure out a fucking schedule?

Shit out of SK is actual propaganda but you aren't allowed to say that because twitter loves SK.

being praised by the mouse is an insult.

Korea is easily molded goyslop with just enough of a hint of something foreign and real in comparison to straight hollywood goyslop that normalfags flock to it. In comparison, Japan has no interest in the machinations of kikes and globohomo, and instead produces domestic content for a domestic market.

Obviously, Korea is the better investment for Yidsney. And when they've pumped every show full of niggers and stronk female characters with no personality, the normalfags will jump ship like rats again, and Disney will be left with yet another rotting husk of IP that they can't sell anywhere.

Anime 'til I die, fuck Korea, Disney, Kikes, black people, trannies, and jannies, forever and ever.

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atleast post something good faggot

Half of Koreans are named Kim. It's fucking weird, innit?

>be korea
>whore out women to nip army
>whore out country to US
>whore out women to jewish music industry

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but he did

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My favorite show this summer was a comfy Kdrama.

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I dropped this garbage when everyone acted like this retard was a genius for figuring out he could just kick stuff if he broke all his arms.

Oh no no weeb bros.. not like this

still not watching am*rican entertainment
still not watching k*rean entertainment
simple as

>Disney is one person
>no source

Also, Koreans are only capable of copying Japan, America and China. Nothing original comes from there.

Japan has some decent anti capitalist stuff, and a lot of media that otherwise offers pretty well thought out social commentary.

The video games of Goichi Suda and, to a lesser extent, Hideo Kojima (notable for being some if the only games period to not shy away from political commentary at all), a lot of the anime written by Chiaki Konaka... Lain is considered a certified hood classic, but I really live Texhnolyze, feels like an adaptation of a great science-fiction novel that doesn't exist.

In the realm of live action films, I really feel like Obayashi's quadrilogy of anti-war movies he made before his death, Casting Blossoms, Seven Weeks, Hanagatami and Labyrinth of Cinema, are some of the greatest pacifist movies ever made. Watched them earlier this year, when the Ukraine War started and found them very affecting.

Not to sound like a weeb, but don't write off Japan. Korea really only has them beat when it comes to television series.

I've watched about 8 series of Squid and the movie "Parasites". It was the most retarded naive garbage I've ever seen. Literally felt like it was directed by a child. The fact that something like this got popular is stunning to me.

>Rip off Kaiji Ultimate Survivor and the Japanese death game subgenre that was already stale by the mid 2000's
>Regurgitate it for Western audiences
>Receive praise
Korea has done it again.

>Korea produces anti-capitalist kino which may soon rival the works of Eisenstein and Bondarchuk
lmao no thx troon

Terrible example

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Its a fake article