Get to your seat

>get to your seat
>see this

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What do you even say to a girl this hot?

nice tits

Do the honk honk.

hehe booba

you point out their crappy eyebrows and watch them have an existential crisis

Testing one, two... Don't you go breaking my heart.

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I could get a date with this girl.

spam thread

Ask her "what do I say to a girl as hot as you?"

Wouldn't want to sit anywhere next to her probably a bitch and has to get up to pee every 30 minutes

I'd probably turn 360 degrees and walk away aha I get nervous as

Nothing, same as always.

yeah, on me

>Oh look, a whore...

"Excuse me, you're in my seat"
Then I sit in my window seat and stare in amazement at the ground 30,000 feet below the entire flight.




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That would be pretty uncomfortable on a 2 hour flight

Nice calf muscle

Ma'am, feel free to remove those uncomfortable shoes

If she was literally this hot? "Are you a model?"

>Would you care for a footrub?

>denim shorts


What does this picture about boobs on an aeroplane have to do with television and film?

Uh... I want to secretly film her boobs without receiving consent first?


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you don't say anything unless you are attractive and wealthy, society is designed in such a way that only alpha males are allowed to approach women in public

When you're forced to sit next to random pretty girls in public transit and they're on their phone the entire time are they actually not thinking about you/aware of you almost the entire time like I am about them even if I'm doing something?

>This nigga hasn't watched the Samuel L Jackson masterpiece "tits on a plane"

I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say, and that's what no one did.

realistically I would say "hey" as I sat down then sit in silence the entire flight

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They are literally thinking "oh my god please don't look at me I'm just browsing my phone please ignore me please ignore me" when they see you sitting next to them. It goes on for the whole ride.


They know you're touching yourself underneath the hoodie on your lap, user, they're just too scared to say anything.

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>you've got a grey hair
>you think you'll do something about those crow's feet?
>should have put more lotion on your chest skin, it's looking sun damaged
>Please close your legs, I can smell your yeast infection
>did you fart?