Sex scene

>sex scene
>lights are off
>man lies directly on top of woman
>no foreplay
>no awkward fumbling to find the hole
>no changing of positions
>no communication about what feels good
Is this really how people used to have sex?

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Bad sex, maybe. Personally, if I'm not getting beastfucked ala Ron Jeremy style, I'm probably going to get bored.

>communication about what feels good
what feminist theory class did you learn this shit in?


I can only fuck sluts doggystyle and blindfolded because i can’t have sex if anybody is looking at me. If she looks at me I’m done and can’t stay hard or cum.

Perfect description of HotD sex scenes.

This was peculiar case because the sex scene was shot months later in resorts and by then both actors and changed physically, especially Carey McGillis who had a different hair style, the silhouette sex scene was a creative attempt to hide this. Even with intimacy coordinators people don't talk in sex scenes because it's distracting, it's a movie trying to evoke feelings not a manual,porno, or documentary on sex making.

This unironically makes it sound like you are gay.

thats only because you want to be fucked by a dickgirl and you are projecting

I thought it was pretty good. Dude got you to reply so it's definitely not nothing/10.

I tried to lay on top of a girl once and she couldn’t breathe. I had to roll off her and apologize. Then I left.

>he thinks movies are supposed to look like reality


I’m not gay I’m extremely straight and have regular sex with attractive biological females. But I don’t like it when people look at me

yeah,if you are much bigger than the girl you should stand on your knees and not put all your weight over her.

foreplay is for fags. Real men stand to attention fully in seconds and their partner is instantly moist. If you have to resort to foreplay you are a cuck who can't even make her wet without cheating.

>Man doesn't cum after 2 minutes and then try again and not be able to cum at all for 2 hours

It makes no sense to brag on here because nobody will believe me but i am a 10/10 sex haver and every girl confirms this. And yeah, it kinda works like that. Girl should be wet enough for no foreplay, if you aren't hard from the first kiss and hug you are gay or senile

kek how fucking ugly are you?

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The 80s were a bit too moralistic for stuff like that.

also, any form of eye contact is the same as loudly shouting "I AM ACTUALLY GAY I HATE VAGINAS", under no circumstances show weakness in this manner.

>no scene afterwards with wiping off and cleaning up with a towel
Completely broke immersion