This movie was shit. Its about a plan that is executed with no problems. Whats the point?

This movie was shit. Its about a plan that is executed with no problems. Whats the point?

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This movie is peak comfy.

It's Tarantino's best movie and ut isn't even close

>This movie was shit. Its about a plan that is executed with no problems. Whats the point?
I didn't like it the first time I watched it because after Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, I thought Tarintino was brimming with suit and tie gangster movies, but it seems like those were his only two. This one was good though.

real comfy kino and pam grier was a babe

What's the point of any movie?

The opening had class
Thanks Quentin

You’re just an edgy teenager who likes to see people fail

This bait never fails to get me because it’s conceivable that there exists someone pretentious enough to hypnotize themselves into believing this nonsense.
It’s easily his worst movie.
It’s not even a bad Tarantino movie. It’s just bad, period.
Second worst is hateful eight but this one is still terrible

>See, just where I said it was

I actually liked the relationship between Pam Grier and Robert Forster but it didnt go anywhere or have any real meaning. For instance, it could have been about how criminal activities sow distrust between two people in love. Thats just an example but i didnt get any theme or subtext with their relationship.

What's the point of Godfather?
What's the point of Star Wars?
What's the point of James Bond?

The original Jackie was white

Elmore Leonard is brilliant and you're retarded

You could copypaste your post about any movie. Because you didn't make a single point.


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They found love at a time in their lives when everything was at its worst. If you think it didn't go anywhere or had no meaning, I don't know what to tell you other than you're wrong. The movie is a gangster movie where all the gangsters are passed their prime. It's a blaxploitation movie set in the 90's with 70's themes. It's just an ode to Grier and those films, so using Rum Punch by Leonard was a genius.

>What's the point of Godfather?

A story about how family bonds can turn a good man into a monster.

>Star Wars

Realising the potential within yourself and finding your purpose you never knew you had or could fulfill along the way.

>James Bond

If you want a job done well; you send a man with no peer and you can delight in his ingenuity and inventiveness.

>They found love at a time in their lives when everything was at its worst

Ehh, it wasnt that bad and i never got the feeling that their love was never meant to be or they couldnt run away together.

Wrong, it's his second best

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It's his only movie that isn't for teenagers or mentally arrested adults

Yeah, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that bad that Jackie is in her mid 40's making 12k a year at some shitty airline, no benefits, and is looking at years in prison for some bullshit. Ehhhhh it wasn't thaaaat bad. Or Max, in his 60s, still working his gig. Did you even watch the fucking movie? There's scenes explaining that their lives aren't what they want. You should watch more movies, get more life experience or something. The movie is very easy to understand and to empathize with.

Tarantino's last couple of movies have good premises that fuck up the ending. Tarantino just drops any build up and character development for a a big final episode. Inglorious Basterds just says fuck it has hitler be blown away. Django has an extra finale just because and Hollywood loses all its marbles for a stupid fable ending that hasnt been earned.

>the emperor is naked!
We know. All the b8ing no-lifers replying to you notwithstanding

Their lives arent what they want but it is never explained why they cant be together.