Who's hyped for Bring It On 7: Cheer or Die?

Who's hyped for Bring It On 7: Cheer or Die?

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whats it looking like on a coom scale of 1 to 10?


you can tell a virgin photoshopped the rip in the black skirt because it's skin tight and he gave it a shadow

Dios mio. Look at that goblina grande on the right

The flap of loose fabric caused by the rip would not be skin tight.

it would be tight enough at that height to not cause a shadow

Will you watch it and make webms?

>outfits aren't shiny

pass. i'll stick to my gymnastics.

I'm surprised they're only on 7.

quality takes time

>all-new movie

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Unless it's a straight up porn, (hard or softcore is fine) I'm not interested.

It should be
>all-nude movie

>All-New Movie!
this sounds like a sticker you’d see on a shop in China or something

Is there twerking?

I like the mutt in the right. Would have made a better little mermaid

>that hideous as fuck piece of shit hairstyle
Is she supposed to be the Stacy?

Are the sequels worth watching? I only watched the first one and saw a trailer for another one where they tell a mexican “i dont speak taco bell language”

they are not

Good to see Joe Camel's family is doing well

It's missing crucial elements
Any Bring It On movie needs an appropriate lead, whoever that girl is she isn't cutting it.

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That style is in. Women don't actually do their hair anymore because they're lazy as fuck, they just tie it up in a messy bun to get it out of their face. They don't care about looking presentable, men will find them attractive no matter what so why bother?

itt: boomers hoping to impress the mexican teenage userbase

Bring it on with a vengeance
A good day to bring it on
Bring it on : first class

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Remember when you could actually tell the difference between the black, white and Asian girls? I couldn't tell you what is supposed to be what on the cover of the new movie. My cock is confused and not in a good way.

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The op looks like from left to right