Guess the trick

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>inserted niggers

Making audiences disappear.

Makes it watchable?


CGI horses

a woman that looks like a rat

trained monkeys

so what was it op


>angry squeaking and chittering intensifies

flopping and make it look like a success

Esl's should go back to leftypol

>visibly seething Orlando Bloom pic over article

I think we all know what the clickbait writers really feel.

>While elves and immortality have always been intertwined in Middle-earth, we’ve never fully understood what that means from the elf’s perspective (at least not in the Peter Jackson movies, which largely centered on humans and hobbits). But in Rings of Power, we’re finally getting a sense of what it means to live forever, and how that colors the way you’d view the mortals who make up Tolkien’s world.

>completely ignoring Arwen's storyline



We dont care about facts here chud

Sawed the audience faborability in half.

Wow i totally simpathize with Galadriel now.
I mean if i had to be a flat chested, rat faced, frumpy dumpster for thousands of years, id probably be a totally unlikely wretch as well!
Im so into this show now with this new prospective.

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Finds a way to describe the events of the first age without violating their lack of rights to show much of anything within the first age? That was a pretty skillful way to pull it off I'll say. They never show Melkor or how he was defeated but it feels like they did.

Arwen's storyline was viewed from the perspective of a human. We've followed the major beats of Galadriel's life for thousands of years.

disabling audience ratings on your own plattform?
didnt they talk about this in lotr when that aragorn elf thing happened?

the first fantasy world Karen