>Set years before ALIEN (1979), the series explores humanity's first encounter with the creature on EARTH. Many asked how did the Weyland-Yutani Corp. know about the eggs and the Derelict ship? They met the creatures before, that's how and this is the story on how they did it...on EARTH.

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Leaked concept art

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Enjoy your (((disney))) goyslop you little piggy, ooooh mm mm schlop schlop schlop oik oik

This wasn't leaked. This art and synopsis was officially revealed weeks ago.

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That sounds shit but if they imply that it's set in the same universe as Blade Runner with cool 80s cyberpunk vibes then that might be cool

isn't a whip like the worst possible weapon against a xeen'

I am so sick of them continually ruining this franchise. A video game got it better than anyone else in decades. This is a stupid idea

It will be shit.

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It's great idea, but should be set in middle ages

another beloved franchise killed by the jew mouse.

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Maybe if you're a woketard but even woketards have troubles enjoying Disney garbage nowadays. Nowadays they manage to fuck everything.

>Noah Hawley is based
>Ridley Scott is based
>Prometheus is based
>Covenant is based

This show will be good and you pathetic faggots will have to live your seething lives pretending it's not just like LotR

Fuck off Ridley you managed to fuck this IP without even inserting leftist shit on it and it is clear you never understood what made Alien great.

Looks like a cable that the xenomorph snapped. You can see the other end behind it.

she's clearly wielding it

same with that terminator game


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>When asked about the development on the next installment in the Alien franchise he stated the following, "They (Disney) are working on a few films, I gave them one of my scripts, but they aren't moving forward with it, they are doing something else. Something new and no, it's not like Prometheus or (Alien) Covenant, it's more in line with the first and the second. They (Disney) want to move with the franchise in a new direction and I'm fine with this. I told all I wanted to with Prometheus and Covenant storywise."
>When asked on why his script was scrapped he followed with, "I won't say what didn't work or what did with the script, I think the problem was that I wanted to move from the xenomorph and they didn't like that. The creature is so iconic, I guess that's something that just doesn't want to let you go. And I won't say more."

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prometheus and covenant might actually be ok movies if they moved them far away from any xenomorph franchise connections

dude i love 80's staple scifi movies such as ALIEN and ALIENS... god i wish i was born in the 80's, i would just watch ALIEN and ALIENS and BLADE RUNNER and STAR WARS all the time if i lived back then, that's all the kino i would ever need

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