Watched this with the gf, we both fell asleep 1 hour in lmao why is it so boring?

watched this with the gf, we both fell asleep 1 hour in lmao why is it so boring?

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Its not made for blacks so it makes sense you werent interested

it's sensory therapy for autists/aspergers and other spastics.
it's supposed to soothe them with coloured lights, bubbles and ambient sounds.
if you aren't mentally defective, it naturally won't interest you as it wasn't designed for you.

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>with the gf
normalfaggot GTFO

Damn, hard cope. I agree the movie has horrible pacing

Because you have to watch it until the end you dumb faggot. Guess nigger brains don't understand kino afterall

>stare into nothing for 3 hours to see the heckin plot twist that is totally le epic

I took my ex to see this and she fell asleep like 30 mins in

I never saw it that way but it seems you are correct.
The first one was so good this one is boring.

I'm autistic and I thought it was boring as fuck

>with the gf
lmao no wonder you didn't like it

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>he doesn't watch movies she finds boring on purpose

This. I would love it even more if the movie was even slower, maybe stretched to ten hours. And the cringeworthy fight scenes should be removed too.

I had more fun watching The Gay Man

The most overrated shit JUST because it’s not a fucking super hero movie. Mediocre as all fuck. Pretend this one doesn’t exist and just watch the original. It’s really just for the fags who jerk off to Drive.

>gf gets bored during movie
>falls asleep instead of sucking your dick
Because you're a pleb.

This. Guaranteed pussy.

maybe you are the problem I guess

It'd be the same with any Villeneuve flick to be fair, he's not Bergman but he might as well be to zoomies or normies. Its okay, just go watch some more Marvel.

>watching movie for plot twists instead of compelling worldbuilding, ideas or concepts
You people should be killed, or at least somehow not allowed to post here.