Europoor bros... how do we respond

europoor bros... how do we respond

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ngl i feel more free in here when i never had to think about freedom or not freedom than i would in america where the concept is throw around everytime

based pajeet but i dont think usa will give you money for the pubblicity

It's over
C'est fini
Es ist vorbei
Se acabo
É finita

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European lifestyle is comfier

I like Saagar but he is so wrong here, generalising all of Europe like it's one country kek

hold up stop pestering me with these dumb questions, I'm too busy getting fired for misgendering the manager

Why doesn't he talk about india?

what does he mean by free

>a*ericans claiming other countries coffee is shit

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Americans are slaves to freedom. They have no beliefs or customs worth defending. Nothing worth defending against "freedom". Sad.

The government can detain you without a warrant but you can kill cops if they do a no knock raid.

free refills
i paid for TWO waters at a dinner yesterday

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>ice hockey


"Se on ohi" means it's over in Finnish, add that next time as well :)

>Cofee taste like shit
>Food is bland

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Yes sadly Europe is very racist. We should send all immigrants to America where they will be treated better.

Most people drink tea here, that’s our excuse. But in your cunt everyone drinks coffee but no one can make a half decent cup of it, the only thing worse than American coffee is American tea.

>Go stick the percolater on Joe.

I don't drink coffee or tea so I wouldn't know. From what I heard from a few friends and family members, Mcdonalds coffee unironically tastes better than most store bought coffee.

>Less racist
There's nobody more race obsessed than Americans. Their whole society revolves around this. They're just so deep into it they don't realize anymore.

The only sports worth watching are MMA and boxing.
Imagine actually watching a game where grown men wear colorful outfits and play with a ball, and taking it seriously. Ridiculous.

>coffee tastes like shit
That's true for both the US and Europe tbqh