This is a school in Israel

This is a school in Israel
Notice anything?

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no dirty chileans

arab teacher lmao
those white boys and gals will make a good slaves

hebe cunny


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I wanna run them over with a steamroller


we need to culturally enrich israel maybe some ethiopian jews will fix that

no such place

free palestine from what

It's just a picture of kids
Just take meds pls now do it

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from zionist occupation

From Palestinians

not a single tranny in sight?

but you just said it doesn't exist.

>indog says free
>Jew rushes to find out what's free

yes, it's too white

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respect to sweden for having such diverse classes!

i feel bad for the two actual swedish children being around so many future jihadists

That's rude, but kinda based

i bet that clasroom smells like shit

You mean rocket scientists?

I know this is supposed to be a joke but it falls so flat because the context of the word 'free' is completely different from what you're implying
I would've expected an EFL to at least know proper grammar

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Yes the lack of BBC is astounding

>tfw u will never have magav gf

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למה יש לה נייר כסף על הראש?

god i wish that were me

magav girls are all tomboys who will stomp on your balls
no thanks

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Always noticing Chile brother

probably dying her hair
>Aluminum foil is a coloring aid, used by hairstylists to hold multiple parts of hair in place while applying dye or bleach on your hair. Aluminum foil sheets can be used for full head coloring, ombre, balayage, highlights or lowlights

More white than Sweden. Can I move there? I'm like 3% Ashkenazi.

If only you knew

>he thinks he'll ever be able to learn hebrew
lmao even

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is Israel also racially divided? Here in Brazil you probably won't find any black or brown in rich schools, while public schools are 80% brown and black

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it's a wordplay dude
it's intentional

Imagine that was a Indonesian girl in an an Indonesian school and no one looked like her in her home cunt

i love sweden!

I'm not

Post pics

you find brown people in school wherever brown people reside.
We don't have many rich people exclusive private schools

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>pol calls this non-white


Nah not really, I had an ethiopian kid with me in honors class
mfer was better than 90% of the class.
they just have regular caps not helments

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You're an idiot

this is you

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pol is basically insecure swarthies gatekeeping whiteness

I never even touched a weapon nor do I have an interest in them personally.

most soldiers aren't issued pistols so it can't be him (yes i know magav aren't technically soldiers but im pretty sure they still aren't issued pistols)


>expecting mutts to die for you
based chosen

Isn’t conscription mandatory in Israel?

I am a shill for Smith & Wesson, but do not own that model.

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it is, but it's possible he got an exemption
or the more unlikely version that he went in as a volunteer and they aren't issued a weapon