What type of haircut do you get in your cunt

The twink no longer exists
What type of haircut is popular in your cunt

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Look at the top of this NIGGA’S head

bruh look at dis niggas head

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Oh no no no no

That's what my sister said my barber gave me the haircut I told him to give me a military cut

it's not just your cut. you've got a weirdly shaped head/hairline

Are you a girl?

Picrel is me with long hair

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I kinda miss my hair but I looked like a faggot I don't want to be a faggot so I got a buzzy buzzcut

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What should I do

it's over

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Wear a hat and wait a few months

Why the fuck is your forehead so tiny and how do you still have a childrens hairline

I refuse to get the zoomer haircut

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nigga should get some finasteride and exfoliator LMAO

If you aren't gay or into guys at all, then stop posting yourself to attract homos. Any Forums wants twinks, not excess straggots from /fa/


this is why i fucking hate amman

What I literally posted my buzzcut so the faggots and groomers stop what they do they caused me getting a buzzcut

I'm not from amman

My haircut isnt good either but damn bro..

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it was over before it even started

You look like the new zealand shooter

It was fun while it lasted

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what haircut should a triangle shaped face man get
i wanted to get a mohawk but i wasn't brave enough so i just got the zoomer haircut

How does shit even get this bad?

you've got the hairline of a 10 year old