American politicians

>american politicians

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>Uncle Festerman is the best the Democrats could get to face Dr. Oz

i dont care about america
fuck you

That Senate race is literally a Muslim vs a Jew


tend to lean right but I eagerly want this meme man to beat Dr MEHMET oz

The guy is the quintessential example of snake-oil-salesman

First off, it's a ridiculous sci-fi idea that Alien parasites could live inside someone's neck and control their actions. Second, he's a good guy.

Based. If only more had this mindset.

I care deeply about America which is why I feel the need to tell Americans want to do politically

how did Republicans become so partial to reality TV stars?


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then this board would be only generals

Fetterman is still based

1 dude
>lets make a thread about it on Any Forums
sad board

I mean the guys an actual doctor

At least he's not a pencil neck geek
He's ahead of him by +20 points so it seems to be working well

I just wondered why some American politician was always wearing hoodies so I googled it and the answer is because he's a hideous mutant like quasimodo

He's not part of the Democratic establishment, and a million times better than Dr Oz

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5 points in fake news poll.

He is a rich kid who lived off his parents into his 40s and pretend to be working class. He is fake.


And? His policy positions are more beneficial for the average American than Oz. At least he isn't a cuck for corporations and take huge money from PACs

Don't be silly goy
May I redirect you to your nearest pharmaceuticals distribution centre?

Wait until he gets into the Senate and see how fast that all changes lmao. You sound like a young lad who hasn't seen this before.

>democrat run states are decaying shitholes everyone is running from
>Republican run states are up and coming destinations with an actual functioning economy

If he does then I'll be willing to criticise him. Still better chance of him being honest and at least doing some good in comparison to the snake oil salesman

Social democrats have little to no power in the democratic party. It's corrupted by neo-liberal bullshit

>Not a cuck for super PACs and corporations
Yeah just like Bernie, right?

look at his campaign contributions. Less than %1.5 comes from PACs while the vast majority come from small dollar donations.

>Republican run states are up and coming destinations with an actual functioning economy
West Virginia

You say that as though the Democrats haven’t been the soulless powerhungry populist corruption party since day one. Remember Tammany Hall?

Why is he hosting Voldemort's head on the back of his head? Has the timeline backpeded and all of sudden we're all watching the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets again?

Don't forget the party of slavery.

Most of the actual urban centers in those places are Democrat, they’re not actually run by Republicans. How are New Orleans or Birmingham doing?

I'm not defending the democratic party, I'm just observing that social democrats have little to no power inside of it. It's completely dominated by neo-lib shite since the Clinton era, and practically all of them are corrupt through campaign contributions. Fetterman, on paper, is better than %95 of them