American language edisyong

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How come I'm seeing pupinia again ?

chud posts ITT


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>chud posts ITT

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wtf indogs?

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>*No ranking for Brunei, Laos, Myanmar & Timor-Leste


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Samefag jungletroon


To any Indonesian anons here, will you get in trouble for abusing baby monkeys on camera?

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wtf? indochuds explain

This is tame compared to the shit I post on /gif/

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go back to /gif/

why are indochuds like this?

please delete these

Its fucking cheaper and faster to ship random shit to a fucking remote island than in cities in metro manila which is literally a hour drive away.

from what I've heard, they're paid to do this by westerners that enjoy watching these stuff

gonna get a haircut tomorrow

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try this haircut m*lei

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he doesn’t look good


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Berakit rakit kita ke hulu...
Berenang kita ke tepian...

I’m chud



who was the man who beat him up finally?

no one he fell the stairs

pengin nangis buku nya mau

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was it the police?
did they hate this guy