New York, USA?

New York, USA?
NO, it's Changsha, China

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did it collapse though?

Isn't it just one building?

holy shit the cope squad came in early kek

China is collapsing.

It is just one building.
Anyway let's just hope a lot of soulless chinks died

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Apparently there were several containers full of fuel in the building used to power server rooms.

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why are they using fuel to power servers

>0 casualty according to official report

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Emergency generators I guess? No idea, looks like something you'd keep in a warehouse not an office building.

Rip animals

now I get why it's being regarded as a tragedy

but can it melt steel beams?

So, you're saying it was an inside job and not because of a terrorist plane?

Have you ever been cheated or bullied by my compatriots?

Just a small city in Hunan, only 10 million people living there.

Emergency power, this was a telecom company.

Western propaganda is strong and very anti-China

doesn't look so bad from that angle.
if the stairs aren't engulfed in flames then everyone should be able to gtfo.

It was reported it's just the facade that's burning.


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I just don't care and let's be honest neither do your citizens
None of the witnesses were worried about people dying. You guys see people in distress and keep on living. It's worrisome how little empathy Chinese have

>Venezuelan dictatorship abuses population
>Chinese veto every security council resolution urging a return to democracy
>Venezuelans hate Chinese

not too complicated a story

And with good reason

So uh.... should I just pretend that... never mind.

When the same happen in UK, it burned for 60 hours and left over 70 people dead.

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Explain why.


Looks like we assimilated you spiritually

People are literally being paid by the US government to use China as a scapegoat in "right-wing" internet forums.
We truly live in a dystopic nightmare. I shit you not. Every thread that talks about jews get insta flooded with chinks being killed or is deleted.

Ouch, burnt(roasted) to a crisp

Yo is that from the movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?

He's not even Venezuelan.
American I...