I will die a kissless virgin despite living in a ''tutorial country''

>i will die a kissless virgin despite living in a ''tutorial country''

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literally me right now.

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you can always travel to asia if you're desperate enough

and what
maybe go for a kiss but when it comes to sex i will pussy out and i won't be able to get an erection

It's harder to achieve that in a first world country.
Thirdies live by and for the sexo.

and get herpes?

i already have herpes despite not having kissed anyone


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>Thirdies live by and for the sexo.
This, just look at Brazil. You can't be sexless in Brazil.

just get a high-class escort and move on sex isn't that big of a deal

you have no idea how easy it is to score abroad in asia as a western man, also there's always the option of visiting a hooker, if only just to get it out of your system

im a twig
no girls would want me
i don't even seek sex

>be spanish
>go outside
>talk to girls who are sitting on the ground outside your apartment building
>have sex

>tfw born a short White man
So close...

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so you have a myriad of choices to finally lose your virginity but you choose not to, that's on you bud

>talk to girl outside
>accuse me of rape because I'm not a chad
>spend 15 years in prison because of leftie government

>just go to SE asia or get a hooker
It's not the same. Humans need love- sex is meaningless without it

i agree but you, still wouldn't want to die a virgin

>Thirdies live by and for the sexo
Y-Yeah..... :(

I would love to rape a Spanish girl in a video game

thailand is 2nd world